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Smackdown Spoilers

– This week’s Social Media SmackDown opens with World Heavyweight champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Damien Sandow. They had a verbal exchange before the match. Del Rio got the win with his cross armbreaker submission hold.

– Backstage, Daniel Bryan and Kane are shown arguing. Later tonight, they will get a rematch against the Prime Time Players, except this time – Kane will be the one that’s blindfolded and Bryan will have his arm tied behind his back.

– Antonio Cesaro defeated The Miz in a Best of 3 Falls Match to retain the United States championship, 2 falls to 1.

– A video aired hyping Fandango’s debut for later in the show.

* Backstage, Randy Orton and Sheamus are talking. Orton will face the Big Show later in the show.

– Jim Ross interviewed Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger in the ring.JR played up his history with Swagger, a fellow Oklahoma native, but Swagger played the heel and trash talked the Oklahoma Sooners. Zeb Colter started ranting about anti-immigration issues and said at WrestleMania, an English speaking American will finally be World Heavyweight Champion again. JR and Colter got into an argument, which led to Swagger knocking off JR’s cowboy hat and getting in his face. Alberto Del Rio ran out to make the save and cut a promo on Swagger.

– The Prime Time Players defeated Team Hell No in a non-title match. Kane was blindfolded and Bryan had his arm behind his back. The finish came when Kane and Bryan started arguing during the match, which allowed Titus to roll up Bryan up for the win. After the match, Kane and Bryan hugged, but Bryan then slapped Kane in the face.

– Backstage, the Big Show was interviewed and said he’s going to make an impact later tonight against Randy Orton.

– Sin Cara defeated Heath Slater (with 3MB).

– Backstage, Fandango is interviewed by Matt Striker. Striker mispronounced his name several times – which lead Fandango to call off his debut. He says he will debut when Striker can get his name right.

– Randy Orton vs. Big Show is the main event. The Shield came out and surrounded the ring. Sheamus came out to even the odds. The Shield beat down Orton and Sheamus. Big Show knocked out Roman Reigns and Ambrose and Rollins ran away. Big Show choke slammed Orton, but Sheamus then hit Big Show with a Brogue Kick and knocked him out of the ring. The match ended in a no contest.

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  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Fan-Dan-Go the hell away already.

  2. Guled says:

    big show could work as a tweener

  3. James says:

    Remember the days when people would tremble at the sight of Kane Now we have hugging people and getting slapped in the face

  4. tommy says:

    i have johnny curtis on my fb friend too and commented the way he pronounce it and he told me last week the same thing i told him the way it sounded and spelled it that way its just the accent he didnt get it and it pissed him off

  5. ManWhale says:

    @rusty lmao! dat’s dugh troof, troof!

  6. kent says:

    they even go against the big show nicee!! heel vs heel

  7. ManWhale says:

    I apologize I love fandango I was just making a lame joke cause Iam really in middle school :)

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