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McMahon reportedly upset during Raw main event

Vince McMahon was reportedly angry during the main event match between CM Punk and John Cena on Monday Night Raw last night. McMahon was apparently upset when Punk and Cena did the piledriver spot during their match. The move being done in the style it was is banned in WWE because of the potential danger to a performers neck.

Credit: The Wrestling Observer

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  1. What? says:

    Does this mean we have to start calling it the Six Moves of Doom?

  2. Adurka Durk says:

    All of these comments are giving me a headache.

  3. DBRude says:

    That was a Hurricanrana? I thought Cena was trying to powerbomb himself!

  4. Zafx says:

    Have to admit that piledriver was pretty cool.

  5. dooman says:

    zena tries and fails bigtime at a wrestling move…..big surprise this man can’t do a thing

  6. deathedge says:

    The piledriver actually looked pretty good. The hurricanrana on the other hand…

    Seriously Cena, just because you “can” do a move doesn’t mean you can do it well…

  7. AJ Starr says:

    Love how people complain that Cena “only has 5 moves,” but yet consistantly wrestled and kept up with Punk the whole time, and you’re all STILL complaining about how he works.

    Here’s a thought; He makes millions and you can’t stand him. It’s called jealousy. He does more for charity and is one of the biggest celebrities on the planet for it and his work in the WWE. You can’t handle it… and you hate that he does it, and with a smile on his face.

    It’s time to grow up, and give it a rest.

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