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Photo: Did Triple H have an accident on Raw?

photo credit: Pittsburgh’s 96.1 KISS

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  1. Guled says:

    I’ll piss myself too if I fought brock as well

  2. Ian says:

    What the hell.

  3. -J- says:

    I guess you could say…..He was pissed!


  4. JD Storm says:

    Triple H never heard the old saying: it’s better to be pissed off then pissed on.

  5. Fairfax says:

    Unless Trips really has a vagina then that “piss stain” seems a little low right? I think he might have “sid” his pants. Haha

  6. jim says:

    Lol give the man a break for sweating

  7. jim says:

    The real accident was brocks face and that ring post

  8. Raym407 says:

    He came out with that “wet spot”

  9. SSweetII says:

    Let’s look at it from a reality prospective…Triple H has always had long hair. He dumped water on his head and without all that hair to soak is up…it ran down his back and unfortunately ended up in his backside. I’m pretty sure anyone claiming he had an ‘accident’ would disagree if you chose to ask him in person.

  10. SSweetII says:

    He beat Brock’s arse…let’s not pervert that with internet propraganda…Triple H is back and ready to give us a show!

  11. -J- says:

    at least he didn’t shiss himself…although if he sharted could you blame him?

  12. Henbamalama says:

    His balls got discolored in Stephanie’s purse.

  13. nick says:

    He should change his name to Triple P: Piss Pants Paul

  14. SSweetII says:

    I would! Brock is so obsessed with his MMA background that he completely disregards his wrestling background. The old Brock lesnar was far much more of an entertainer than he is now. Just showing up for a paycheck once a year is a disgrace. Undertaker and Triple H have earned that stature with the work they have put into it to do so…Brock has not!

  15. P b says:

    RVD. Sopping wet. Dirt trap every match

  16. Dev says:

    I think TripleH urinated while brawling with Lesnar….lol. I think TripleH forgot to void his bladder before making his way to the ring…

  17. RematchMania is Runnin Wild says:

    HHH you just pissed yo pants.

    He give Lesnar a disease by getting his piss on his blood.

  18. SSweetII says:

    Meh! I dunno why I bother…I forgot you internet trolls don’t know how to read logical, intelligent posts.

  19. The Sheild says:

    He should of pooped himself like Sid in WCW

  20. tommy says:

    i noticed that live when i watched it even when he got in the ring too

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