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Video: Glenn Bash trashes WWE

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  1. -J- says:

    man this is comedy free publicity, they say its fake then take the promo seriously…so will swagger/zeb now turn on their own tea party gimmick, swerve!

  2. Sean says:

    Republicans are scum

  3. Michael t tuesdays says:

    Glenn….it’s a tv show. Stop

  4. Billy Rouse says:

    Glenn Beck, you are a coward, just like Bill O’Reilly. Glenn, you sit there and talk about MOCKING people who are real. I have heard people say some of the same things as Zeb Colter has. In the end, why don’t you focus on REALITY rather than FICTION. You are what’s wrong with America. People who are arrogant enough to believe that they can tell the country what to think. If you don’t like WWE, then don’t watch it. As far as New York Elite, I guess people like Donald Trump are simpleton idiots who have nothing better to do than watch wrestling. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and stop the agenda. If you want people to take what you say seriously, be open to doing things differently. You were HANDED the chance to promote your agenda on the “enemy” show. You had free reign to do it. I hope you lose everything you stand for, because when it comes down to it, TRUE reality is knocking at your door begging you to take it seriously. I hope you read this (not likely) and respond to it. That way people can see your “journalism” for the fraud it really is. I call all WWE fans that read this to bombard Glenn Beck and his show with so many letters and emails that he sees reality. The WWE fans are not stupid lowlifes as he believes. We are the HEART of this great country! We are the people!

  5. P b says:

    What a waste of time

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