2/24 TNA house show results from Bowling Green, OH

Feb 24, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

1. Robbie E (with Rob Terry) pinned by Joe Park after a splash from the second rope. Park got a nice reaction from the crowd, and the match was pure comedy, as one would expect. They continued to tease a Robbie T.-Robbie E. breakup, as E got in Terry’s face after the match. Terry shoved Robbie E down, sending him running to the back.

2. Velvet Sky and ODB beat Tara and Gail Kim when Sky pinned Tara. Sky is popular, but it seemed like ODB was even more over. Again, a comedy match.

3. Magnus defeated Bobby Roode by DQ after Austin Aries interfered. Heels didn’t get a whole lot of heat tonight, Roode included, except when he did a super-stall tactic at the beginning. He kept pretending to get in the ring, then step out and repeat. It went on for so long that my friend suggested that someone no-showed and they were stalling for time. The match didn’t go too long before Aries interfered. Aries and Roode beat up on Magnus until James Storm made the save. Storm then got on the mic and challenged Aries and Roode to a tag title match. Aries declined to put the title up, but said if Magnus and Storm could beat them, they’d get a title shot “sometime down the road.” Given TNA’s track record on this kind of thing, I’m guessing “down the road” is code for “never.”

4. Magnus and Storm beat Bobby Roode and Austin Aries when Storm hit Roode with a Last Call.The match itself was good, probably the best on the card. Of the non-former WWE guys, Storm was the most over.

5. Kurt Angle pinned Mr. Anderson with an Angle slam. Angle got a big babyface reaction, to that point the biggest on the show. Two had a usual good Angle match.

At this point they had an intermission to set up a cage. Earl and Brian Hebner were signing autographs. Seeing 12-year old kids wearing autographed “Damn Right I Did” T-shirts really makes me feel great about our society’s future, by the way.

6. Jeff Hardy retained his TNA title by pinning Devon (yes, Devon was challenging for the World Title) in a cage with a twist of fate. Win could be by submission, pinfall or escape. Hardy is TNA’s biggest traveling star, I’d say. Crowd was crazy for him, especially women and kids. It got to the point where some guys in the audience were leading chants for Devon, just as a counterpoint. I like Devon, but I don’t think anyone believed for a second he’d win the match. At one point, Brian Hebner took a ref bump. While he was down, Hardy escaped the cage, but was met by masked member of Aces and Eights. Angle made the save, derailing the attack and distracting Devon, setting him up for the twist of fate.

credit: Zach Baker @ f4wonline.com

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