Feb 23, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

GERWECK.NET is conducting a survey and would appreciate your input and feedback. Please answer the following survey questions and send responses to gerweck@netzero.com – one random survey participate will receive a complimentary GERWECK.NET t-shirt. Thank you.

1. What do you like most about GERWECK.NET
2. What do you like the least about the site?
3. Would you be interested in a subscription service offering additional content such as more podcasts and interviews for a small monthly fee?
4. Besides GERWECK.NET site, which wrestling sites do you visit the most?
5. How did you hear about GERWECK.NET?
6. Would you be interested in purchasing a newly designed GERWECK.NET shirt?
7. Do you vote in our polls?
8. Do you read opinion pieces – columns and blogs posted on the site?
9. Besides news, what are you favorite featured areas on the site?
10. Do you listen to podcasts and interviews on this site?
11. What improvements to the site would encourage you to visit the site more?
12. Have you ever recommend GERWECK.NET to other people?
13. Do you follow us on Social media, Facebook or Twitter?
14. Do you post comments on the site?
15. Do you read non-WWE or non-TNA news posts?
16. Do you like our new daily discussion feature?
17. How often do you visit the site?
18. Do you use our mobile app?
19. If GERWECK.NET disappeared, would you miss it?
20. Any final thoughts or suggestions?

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