Notes on Gene Okerlund, The Rock, and former referee Tim White

Feb 23, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

– From Eric Montgomery: As I was waiting in line to for the Meet and Greet for Sheamus at the 50th Anniversary of The Carl Casper Auto Show (in Louisville, KY), I was watching who all came in with Sheamus and lord and behold, I looked and realized the guy in the green shirt is none other than former WWE Referee: Tim White.

Tim was very professional and polite as I talked to him for a few mins and he said he don’t miss the job of being a referee.

– From Mike Informer: Lance Allan posted an interview with “Mean” Gene Okerlund at Gene talks about how he adopted the “Mean Gene” nickname, his longevity in the wrestling business, working with all the greats, etc.

– From Jeff Sheridan: Dwayne Johnson Struggles To Impress In New Role; Snitch Reviews Round-Up

– Dwayne Johnson On His More Serious Role in Snitch‏

Dwayne Johnson talks about his new movie, Snitch.

Dwayne ohnson On His More Serious Role in Snitch
Let’s take a look, for one second, at Dwayne Johnson’s career trajectory, shall we? A pro WWE wrestler, known as The Rock, Johnson’s move into films was calculated. He wasn’t in there for an Oscar, he was playing the big-money blockbuster roles.

Somewhere inside there must be a good actor. Actually, we take that back – there’s definitely not. But a good man? We think so, and that’s exactly the kind of character he’s playing in his new film, Snitch, in which he portrays John Matthews, whose teenage son is wrongly accused of a drug distribution crime. “I read this, I loved it. I read it, I was moved. I was compelled by it. I’ve been fortunate to play some pretty cool characters over the years,” Johnson explained to MTV. “Guys who go out, and they kick ass and they save the world. This guy was a regular guy, a regular family man who wasn’t a streetwise guy, not street tough in any way but had the heart of a lion.”

Snitch hit cinemas last night in the U.S, and we’ll find out how it fared at the box office on Monday. But if the reviews are anything to go by, it won’t do well. Review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes holds its score at 53%. TIME magazine say, “Dwayne Johnson tries so hard to be taken seriously in the ponderous and preposterous drama Snitch that it hurts to watch him in much the same way it hurts to watch the weightlifting competition at the summer Olympics.”

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