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Former WWE & WCW superstar reduced to selling merchandise in a NY subway station‏

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By Richard Boudreau, Kayfabe Kickout Lead Editor

According to an article from former WWE & WCW Superstar Virgil has taken to selling his merchandise from New York’s second busiest Subway Station; Grand Central. One commuter posted a picture of Virgil on his Twitter Account, which can be seen below, and the writer of the article commented that Virgil was originally asking 20 dollars for signed photos, but was haggled down to 5 dollars.

Situations like this shouldn’t be made light of, it just reiterates the darker side of professional wrestling, a world where not everyone lives the lavish lifestyle that it sometimes portrays.

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  1. Jack says:

    Shouldnt have saved and invested your money wisely sucka.

  2. lol says:

    Don’t you mean “SHOULD’VE” saved and invested money wisely? Yes I agree, and no it’s not always that easy.

  3. Joe VonVille says:

    Your second paragraph is ignorant and without merit. Michael Jones aka Virgil, has spent years haggling fans for money. Please refer to for their Virgil mailbag where people share their interactions with Virgil. What lavish lifestyle are you referring to? I roll my eyes at that statement just days after reading two stories about DDP, Jake Roberts, Scott Hall. Or, maybe you’re referring to today’s stars that are independent contractors, with no insurance, pension, etc. Please stop referring to the dark side of a business where ultimately people have the free will to decide their fates. Pro wrestling is not the reason that people haggle for money outside the subway station. It is their own poor decision making, lack of planning and big picture view that leads to such a sad outcome. Stop empowering people who make bad decions with your empathy and start holding them accountable for their own lives.

  4. Gray says:

    How hard is it to apply for a job at a department store, or a supermarket, or even a restaurant. It’s not that hard folks, really. I’ve worked my way through college and my master’s making slightly above minimum wage at various jobs. Seems to me like all he wants to do is make a living off wrestling and is too lazy to make it any other way. Put your pride aside and do what it takes to pay the bills. Eddie Guerrero waited tables while he was wrestling in Texas and Mexico to make ends meet.

  5. Agent Cooper says:

    The Iron Sheik will be pleased with this development.

  6. Gray says:

    lazy bum should get a job if wrestling isn’t paying the bills.

  7. Gabe says:

    He’s lazy. How about getting a job and trying to pay the bills rather than depending on wrestling.

  8. Kerry says:

    This reminds of the time I saw a picture of Jones sitting at a table for an autograph signing. He and the ones sponsoring the event were the only people there, no fans waiting in line whatsoever.

  9. joe says:

    Lazy bum.Do like Justin Credible and Balls Mahoney and get a job at Olive Garden

  10. Jroc says:

    Could have always, I dunno, GOT A JOB!!!!

  11. Rex Anderson says:

    Everybody has a price. Money, Money, Money…

  12. VicVenom says:

    again, I agree not trying to make light of the situation. But when I read the headline I said “Virgil”. And his $5 photograph popped up on the next screen.

  13. cory says:

    im going to nyc soon , anyone know where he was spotted?

  14. wah wah wah…every job/career/industry has this problem, some people make it big, others don’t. Nothing to cry over.

  15. Scott says:

    If he was known more than a bodyguard that would get the crap beaten out of him, maybe, JUST MAYBE, he could get away with this.

    But as it is, he was a no-talent that got lucky latching onto TWO good things (DiBiase, and the nWo). Get a real job ya bum!

  16. Dream Eater says:

    This isn’t “the darker side of professional wrestling”. This is a man who has been unwilling to adapt to a new chapter in his life. The chapter where he is not a pro wrestler.
    Go to a technical college, get into a two year program, and get retrained like all the Americans who have been laid off. Only difference is that unlike the average American worker who has been laid off, Virgil had it made and invested his money as well as MC Hammer.

  17. Nathan says:

    I live in Minnesota and back in February of 2007 me and two of my friends went to the World Of Wheels to meet Rey Mysterio. We were waiting in line and my buddy saw someone and said that it looked like Virgil but he was joking. Anyways as we got closer to Mysterio and also closer to this guy that we were talking about it turned out that it was Virgil signing autographs. his prices were so insane that nobody was getting his autograph, He was charging $50 at the time so it’s good to see that he is at least charging $20 but he still isn’t worth that. I sort of feel bad for the guy but he obviously wasn’t very wise when it came to his money if this is where he is now.

  18. What? says:

    @cory: It says right in the article that he was at the Grand Central subway station. Did you miss that or are you looking for which hallway or something?

  19. good dude says:

    He’s a good dude who teaches in a suburban Pittsburgh town. I have had lunch with him a number of times and he has always footed the bill.

  20. Nick A says:

    Virgil is famous for being a dick to fans and other wrestlers, so it’s not really a surprise when he ends up not really being able to do much.

    I wonder how much he was being paid for his last short lived WWE run.

  21. joe says:

    How is it he teaches? What does he teach.

  22. Asterik says:

    Hey at least is trying to make ends meet, at least he’s trying to get some money. There are a lot of assholes on the internet that put down someone for doing something just to make money while these same assholes are the ones not doing anything with their lives but continuously bitching.

  23. S.M.I.T.R says:

    I also remember stories about him being a history or math teacher in PA. Perhaps with the cuts in education across the country he was laid off, or perhaps he was just a substitute teacher.

  24. Doug Sinclair says:

    I saw him in Baltimore at the Auto Show two years ago hawking pictures. You could get a picture with him and a replica of the million dollar belt for $20 He picked up some business because Beth Phoenix, an active WWE star at the time, was there for an appearance.

  25. -J- says:

    everybody’s got a price for virgil’s autograph!

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