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Former WWE & WCW superstar reduced to selling merchandise in a NY subway station‏

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By Richard Boudreau, Kayfabe Kickout Lead Editor

According to an article from former WWE & WCW Superstar Virgil has taken to selling his merchandise from New York’s second busiest Subway Station; Grand Central. One commuter posted a picture of Virgil on his Twitter Account, which can be seen below, and the writer of the article commented that Virgil was originally asking 20 dollars for signed photos, but was haggled down to 5 dollars.

Situations like this shouldn’t be made light of, it just reiterates the darker side of professional wrestling, a world where not everyone lives the lavish lifestyle that it sometimes portrays.

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  1. AJ Starr says:

    Virgil is one of the most unprofessional people of all time, and not even deserving of the money he’s made in the business.

    He wrestled for the company I work for a few years before I started, and sandbagged the entire match, and refused to bump. They had to end up counting him out because he left the ring and wouldn’t get back in… refusing to take a bodyslam from a then 20 year veteran is disgraceful. But, they refused to pay him for showing up because of his actions and refused to ever let him come back, so he has earned his rep of street bum.

  2. Ostego says:

    Virgil: Hey man, wanna buy a watch? I gots me some rings too. Oh, interested in a chain?

  3. Zack says:

    Before we weep for him, let us remember that Virgil has a college degree in mathematics(not easy to get) and was a math teacher in high school. He is no fool and has skills to succeed in the real world. From the stories about him, he likes to scam people. A lot of his plight is his own doing.

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