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Daily Discussion: How should WWE handle the Jack Swagger situation?

Today’s topic: How should WWE handle the Jack Swagger situation?

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18 Responses

  1. Dragon says:

    I like Jack, he’s a solid worker and has great in ring ability if given the chance, but he messed up horribly. Even Jeff is say “Are You kidding me,I calmed down around my title shot”. Especially with it being a Maina shot. Sadly I believe WWE has to give the title shot to someone else. With WWE trying to make a more positive image for the brand. It would only send the worst message possible both to the fans and the locker room. Correct me if im wrong, but didn’t Randy lose a great push due to failing the wellness policy. That was just for failing a drug test. I say just because It didn’t put anyone at risk compared to drunk driving which endangers others. Hopefully in the future Jack will get another good push , but right now he doesn’t deserve it.

  2. Hipnosis says:

    They should ignore it and leave him with a warning and push him to the moon!

  3. BravesFan says:

    There is a few ways to handle this but putting the belt on Swagger to stick to Beck makes no sense. If Beck is not a wrestling fan, then what is the point and why would anyone outside of wrestling even care.

    With 42 days to WrestleMania, in theory WWE could suspend him for a wellness policy violation for the 30 days and still have Swagger back in time for WrestleMania and have Zeb Colter do promos to hype the match while Jack is “in training” or something of the sort.

    Pulling him from WrestleMania is the same thing as derailing his character development going forward and this character has enough built in storylines to go for quite awhile with all the foreign talent under the WWE banner.

    The simplest solution would be to go ahead as planned and have Swagger win at WrestleMania since it is way too soon for him to lose and kill the angle before it ever takes off and have Ziggler cash in and beat Swagger for the title. Swagger is out of the title picture for awhile as punishment and has tons of mid card stars to feud with, like Wade Barrett for the IC title. Besides Swagger wouldn’t need to be in the title picture if an American is the champion.

  4. Captain Ass says:

    I don’t think his push will be affected, although I don’t think he’ll win the title at Wrestlemania. Whether that was the initial plan or not, who knows? He made a mistake. He didn’t get busted with a semi automatic gun and cocaine. What he did was still illegal, but they were only misdemeanors. I think they should fine him and then it’s lesson learned.

  5. Chris James says:

    I think they should have someone travel with him to sort of keep an eye on him. Childish? Yes. But I think firing him would be pretty over the top. Suspending him would I think just put and keep him down. I think they should put him on like a probation. watch him like a hawk but keep this going because I really believe him and Zeb are gonna save this WrestleMania. At least the Smackdown side.

  6. Chris James says:

    I just wish he smoked at home or in his damn hotel room. having weed is one thing, but driving high is pretty damn inexcusable.

  7. Denis says:

    Not the first time he’s been in trouble with the law. Had a similar incident in Louisville when he was with OVW

  8. Sean Banner says:

    Swagger deserves some kind of punishment. A-what happens if he is driving high and kills someone? B-if he wins the title as planned and keeps it, that sends a message that getting busted for weed is OK. If that’s so, the wellness policy is meaningless. 30 day suspension or loss of push is only fair. The steroid users get it. Why not the pot users?

  9. Travis says:

    Use it as part of the storyline, don’t just sweep it under the rug. Have Del Rio call him a disgrace and let Swagger say he is above the law. It’s risqué but the real life storyline could really build some heat and pub.

  10. -J- says:

    They should reward him and say that Americans are losing more rights to live as they please blah blah etc etc…thwee the theepeople!

  11. mackdeezy says:

    Treat him the same way the others got punished. No exceptions.

  12. DBRude says:

    Suspend him and call an audible on his title match. Have another one on SD to determine his replacement for Mania (or give it to Orton), and then bring him back as a mid-carder.

    Or they could wait and suspend him immediately after Mania. Either way, this bust might kill his angle.

  13. MC Live says:

    Give him the belt! (Sarcasm)

  14. tk says:

    Swagger situation is very complex..A Guy who is what we call getting a push to the moon now is in danger. I truly didnt think this would happen him getting another title shot let alone at wrestlemania.I know his first title regin flatlined..but I feel that was not his fault remember that was a time that wwe was trying to prove that we can but belts on young guys and survive Like TNA was doing. It worked with sheamus it would of worked with swaggwer it was just the wrong time. The DUI he can get around and do you know how many times Ortan has been pulled over for speeding come on.

    Something does have to happen to swagger on the Mj..But from what i hear this angle was on the table for swagger a long time and is VKM pet project. if its his story vince is not going to let it go. SO What do you do let it pass?? let the arrest get more heat on swagger build him up even n more?? or send a message i can take out my main event at WM and survive. I say this and its a stretch…Keep him on let him win WM Dolph cash in beat swagger..suspend swagger dolph and del rio for a while triple threats when swagger comes back. And they have suspended guys after huge angles are finished in the past so its not a big deal…

  15. Ben says:

    All you guys who think that the WWE should ignore what happened and just let things go as planned are something. Swagger endangered peoples’ lives doing what he did and for him to not have to pay some price for his stupidity is ridiculous. He should be out of Wrestlemania at the least and perhaps even fired. Guys have been fired for doing a lot less than what this dirtbag did.

  16. Vivi says:

    I think it’s interesting that if this guy was in another job none of this would even be a debate. They don’t demote a movie star from lead to supporting actor cause he got busted with whatever.

    Swagger will pay a price, that’s what the law is for. He wasn’t high ON the job so why should he have a punishment there?

    Ultimately keeping Swagger in his position is more ideal for the company anyway simply on the basis that right now this story is a money maker. If it wasn’t things might be different. As long as more people are talking about this story than the movie star champ it’s a hard sell to drop it.

    When you stop to think about it this angle as a whole as a drop out built into it later on in the run. This character can’t stay around forever and in the end he’ll have to be phased out and disappear for awhile. It’s why I don’t believe you can just replace Jack Swagger. The person in this role will have to be absolutely decimated at some point and probably take time off to reinvent again.

    Let the law handle Jack Swagger, and fine him as they would any other marijuana charge in the WWE with the $2500 fine.

  17. Dream Eater says:

    Let me start off by saying that I think everything that they’re doing with the World Title has been wrong lately. As gerweck posted months ago, Alberto is getting a face push because Sin Cara wasn’t making the grade. The Hispanic demographic is huge in wrestling so they gave their top face Hispanic the belt in order to draw more ratings/ ticket sales.
    Alberto isn’t champion because of his ring work, and it’s not because of his charisma. He was judged by the color of his skin and given the belt because of it. They want him to be the next Rey Mysterio, or Eddie Guerrero but he is nowhere near their level. Business move or not I don’t think he deserves it.

    This whole Jack Swagger/Zeb Coulter thing is just dumb. For so many reasons. First off all Swagger seems to be able to say now is “We the people”. Say something else stooge. Swagger went to get repackaged but he has the same exact character except he has a mouth piece, and the beard of a 17 year old. Brilliant idea WWE.

    On top of that the WWE is showing a huge bias in the media. It’s okay to portray those against illegal immigration as crazy people and the immigrants as good guys who “just want the best”. But it’s not okay to portray the opposite. I’m not saying they should, I’m saying that this storyline is portraying a stereotype of everyone with a right-wing political view and that isn’t okay.

    The entire world title picture is completely based around cheap pops and cheap heat.
    They are using a gimmick and talent that have hardly been tested. Del Rio has only been a face for a few months and Swagger just got back. Not smart, they should have tested the water more.

    But to answer the real question that was asked, this Wrestlemania “main event” shouldn’t be happening in the first place. Swagger screwed up big time so he should be suspended along with losing his title shot. Del Rio doesn’t have the charisma or in ring skill to be champion. In addition to that, the storyline is cheap and dumb. They should just start from scratch.

  18. Scott says:

    If he HAS to be suspended…

    On Raw, have him just say or do something “offensive”, something that would prompt him being “suspended” (in reality, he serves his 30 days, with some time until WrestleMania). In the meantime, Zeb can still cut promos keeping Swagger in the spotlight, and the potential feud with Del Rio being kept on brewed up.

    But I hope the WWE doesnt do anything g rash, and kill any push he had because of this.

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