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Rumored Wrestlemania match dropped?

According to reports, plans for the long rumored Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara match for WrestleMania have been dropped.

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  1. Scott says:

    One botches like crazy, the other is well past his high flying prime. That’s ok, we could do without.

  2. ironFNmaiden says:

    I’m 100% with Scott….I have not been impressed with Mysterio in a very long time

  3. Killpg says:

    For a retirement match were one last time he go’s all out id like to see it. But bochcara needs lessons on wwe style.

  4. Fisha695 says:

    Forget the WWE style, let them go out there and do it in their native style and it’d be the best match on the card*

    *as long as Rey could get himself back into no later then his 2003ish shape.

  5. Kerry says:

    Rey was already way past his high flying prime when he signed with WWE.

  6. Hipnosis says:

    that sucks. I would have loved to see that match happen. What bad can it do? Sin Cara should wrestle him ONCE before he gets released.

  7. -J- says:

    they have given up on them…its Del Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiooooo’s time time shine.

  8. Chris G says:

    There’s just not enough room for this match. We need to see the new blood such as The Shield, Ryback, Sheamus, Del Rio, (notice I didn’t say Swagger), Ziggler, Punk, etc. They would probably only get 5 minutes anyway, so why even bother?

  9. Scott says:

    True Kerry, but at least his first few years in the WWE, he was solid, and dependable for the most part. Now he’s just broken down and old

  10. WeNeedRusso says:

    Sin Cara sux, Rey needs a run in TNA, Rey VS RVD feud… epic

  11. Todd says:


    WWE Championship
    The Rock (c) vs John Cena

    CM Punk vs The Undertaker

    Triple H /w Vince McMahon vs Brock Lesnar /w Paul Heyman

    World Heavyweight Championship
    Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Jack Swagger (still the plan)

    Chris Jericho vs Dolph Ziggler

    Sheamus vs Ryback

    WWE Diva’s Championship
    Kaitlyn (c) vs AJ

    Those are the 100% confirmed matches


    lights go out, people think its The Shield cue GONG


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