Ric Flair talks about his most memorable matches, his daughter, and more

Feb 21, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Florida Today posted an interview with WWE hall of famer Ric Flair, here are a few excerpts…

QUESTION: What was your reaction when your daughter, Ashley, aka NXT Diva Charlotte, said she wanted to become a pro wrestler?

Flair: She surprised me. I took her to Wrestlemania in Miami in 2012. All my friends have known her forever. She was playing sports in college, and she was an all-American cheerleader. I think just being around all the guys that weekend just sold her on it. Three months later she was in Tampa training. It’s very cool. It runs in the family; her brother is in Tokyo wrestling.

Q:You’ve wrestled for many, many years. Which matches stand out?

Flair: My retirement match in 2008 with Shawn Michaels was the highlight of my career. The matches I had with Ricky Steamboat in ’89. My match with Dusty Rhodes. That was awesome as well.

Q:Favorite fan moments?

Flair: I’ve had so many of them, and 99 percent of them are real good. I think what I like hearing the most is, “Thank you for all the years.” I hear that all the time. “Thank you for all the years in entertainment.”

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