Jake Roberts: “I was in a pretty dark place six months ago”

Feb 20, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

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Wrestling 101 has an interview up with Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts:

Some quotes:

* [Before starting DDP Yoga] I was in a pretty dark place six months
ago, I had basically given up on life and everything else because
nothing was fun anymore, I didn’t have good days, they were all just
sh*t days, I would wake up in the mornings and be pissed off I was
still alive, the only reason I didn’t commit suicide is because I
didn’t want to hurt my family more than I had already hurt them.

* [Working with Steve Austin] Steve came to me and wanted help, I got
with him because I respected his work in the ring and his dedication.
Everyday he had a match he would call me and tell me what went on, and
I would tell him what he should have done there or what he shouldn?t
have done here and I schooled him.

* [On the possibility of entering the WWE Hall of Fame] …if it
happens it happens and maybe it will someday and if it doesn’t my life
won’t be changed by it, it could be enhanced a bit by it but it’s not
going to change.

Read the full interview here:

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