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Claim: Extreme Rising attempts to pay wrestler to no show PWS‏

filed to GERWECK.NET:

Leading the forefront for today’s independent wrestling drama , New Jack whom is scheduled to compete for Pro Wrestling Syndicate on April 4th in a Scramble with Tommy Dreamer, The Sheik, Necro Butcher, Apollyon, Devon Moore, and Lucifer Darksyde, and again on April 5th in a First Time Ever Match with Necro Butcher was contacted late last night by Extreme Rising’s Shane Douglas.

The nature of this phone call was Shane offering New Jack “double his pay” to no show PWS and work for Extreme Rising instead.
New Jack responded by honoring his word to PWS and having some not so nice things to say to Shane.

New Jack has stated that he will exclusively be wrestling for PWS here and on out and is hinting that 2013 will be his last year as an active i ring competitor.

PWS co owner Eric has posted on social media that he wishes for a podcast or wrestling radio show to get him and Shane on the line together for a public conversation.

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13 Responses

  1. Rory says:

    Wrestling is a business and if that’s true I can’t blame Shane for doing it. You have to be competitive.

  2. killpg says:

    thats still wrong rory.

  3. cool arrow says:

    If Shane can afford it and it’s worth it business-wise, why not? It’s not like anyone in PWS is under contract. That said, kudos to New Jack for being a stand-up guy.

  4. JD Storm says:

    @Rory, wrestling may be a business, but it’s still underhanded to try and screw over the competition. you want a wrestler to work for you? there’s a right way to do it and a wrong way.

    if a company did this in any other industry, that company would catch a bad rep quickly. how many other industries would view this action as an act of sabotage?

  5. matt says:

    Yeah but if he starts pullin no-shows, people are gonna stop booking him. That benefits Shane Douglas more than it does New Jack. I don’t blame him one bit for turning that down. Why burn bridges when you’re getting work?

  6. gerry says:

    I wouldnt believe a damn thing new jack says

  7. Alan says:

    New Jack a stand up guy? lol….that dude lies about so much stuff

  8. EricPWS says:

    On the contrary “cool arrow” , there are PWS wrestlers under contract

  9. Prince Dann says:

    New Jack isn’t worth it. I wouldn’t pay him to be on my show, if I had one obviously. And as a fan, I’d never pay to watch him. He isn’t a professional wrestler, he is a stuntman, famous more than anything for being a violent, bigoted, criminal wannabe thug.

  10. Hipnosis says:

    If he doesn’t show up to Extreme Rising he should turn it into an angle and say he no showed Extreme Rising just to give him a heel push. No one EVER pushes New Jack

  11. Jackie says:

    Did anyone else see the response from shane douglas. I copy and pasted this “We have been notified of a false statement being reported by your website concerning Shane Douglas and Extreme Rising attempting to pay wrestlers to no show another company’s event and would like to issue our statement direct from Shane Douglas himself.

    “I have NOT spoken to, nor any of the other partners of 5 Guys Wrestling/Extreme Rising, Jerome Young aka New Jack since December 29, 2012 at the Pennsylvania National Guard Armory. For the record no one has contacted –or offered anyone anything, working for PWS or any other company, and wish them all success. Extreme Rising has a loaded Wrestlemania weekend with three live events that we are focused and working on as we continue to put our energies into moving Extreme Rising forward. ” -SHANE DOUGLAS “

  12. Scott says:

    I might not like New Jack for the stuff he said about Jerry Lawler after his heart attack, but at least the man has some honor and integrity, at least when it comes to honoring commitments.

  13. Nick A says:

    Really? Everyone just assumes New Jack… NEW JACK!… is telling the truth here. I love New Jack, but everything for that guy is a work and I do mean EVERYTHING.

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