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Review of Breaking Kayfabe with Tammy Sytch‏

by Alan Wojcik

Stop me if you have read this before, WWE Hall of Fame member Tammy “Sunny” Sytch was recently arrested. Last count that statement was used in wrestling and mainstream media about seven times. In between arrests, Ms. Sytch was able to make time for Kayfabe Commentaries to be part of their BREAKING KAYFABE series.

Unlike the episodes with Jerome “New Jack” Young, Sean Waltman & recently Lanny Poffo; this is the darkest interview done. Don’t get me wrong those interviews did talk about some dark issues, nothing like what Sytch talks about. Host & producer Sean Oliver digs deep into how Ms. Sytch went from looking great on YouShoot fresh out of rehab to the person sitting with him when they taped the program. Any happy or “sunny” disposition Ms. Sytch showed is gone through the near ninety minute interview. What sits there is the shell of a woman who was the most downloaded on AOL in the 1990’s.

This is the interview that made headlines as last week WWE cut off Sytch from their wellness assistance for former talent. Among the shocking accusations Sytch says she was placed in a top flight facility during Linda McMahon’s 2nd botched Senate run and when it ended; she was moved to a former PA state mental hospital. Another accusation is Scott Hall went to 12 rehabs on the WWE’s dime yet she was being cut off and being told by WWE; “Well YOU’RE not Scott Hall.” At one point she asks Sean what her HOF ring might be worth on the open market.

She talks about the trips to local jail and 8 days in state prison, one dumb bail bondsmen, the multiple trips to rehab, alcohol blackouts and her fiancée indy worker Damien Darling cheating on her which she says led to the initial relapse. The abuse from a previous relationship is front and center as well as her drug of choice to try and kill her pain, alcohol specifically vodka. The interview is great BUT Ms. Sytch made a statement during it that upset me and nearly ruins the entire piece. Sytch tells Sean Oliver that EVERY shoot interview she did prior to sitting down with Sean Oliver was 1000% total bullcrap. With that statement out there, why should anyone believe she isn’t holding things back? Sytch says she is retiring from wrestling and wants to leave it behind, so maybe this is her mea culpa. She even pushes viewers to obtain a life recovery bible since it helped her recover during the jail time. The closing moments are reflective as she is asked about her relationship with the deceased Chris Candido along with the Shawn Michaels romance and where she hopes to go next, which was back to jail after more arrests.

Buyer beware you will look at Tammy Sytch in a different light after viewing it. Hope you enjoy it. Next for purchase on is Timeline History of WCW 1988 with JJ Dillon (March 5)

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