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Ric Flair wants a Domestic Violence Protective Order

Ric Flair claims his former wife Jackie is a “vicious alcoholic who has physically beaten him several times” – and now he is asking a judge for a protective order.

Ric filed the new documents in response to his wife’s legal separation. Calling Jackie “cruel” and “barbarous,” and claiming she has endangered his life in drunken fits of rage … multiple times throughout their marriage.

In the documents, Ric says Jackie went after him back in February 2010 with a glass object and “shattered it over his forehead, cutting him severely, and requiring medical attention.”

Ric says he is still very terrified of her, and is now asking the court for a domestic violence protective order.

He also wants to void a separation agreement he signed in October — in which he promised to pay Jackie tens of thousands of dollars.

Ric claims Jackie’s badmouthing — she called him a cheating scumbag — cost him lucrative performance and endorsement contracts, and now it’s impossible for him to make the payments.

TMZ reached out to Ric’s former wife who said the whole thing and the allegations are 100% false. And says Rick is using them as cheap trick to “avoid paying her the money to which she is entitled.”

Credit: TMZ

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