CWE 50 Shades of Pain Results‏ (featuring Tommy Dreamer)

Feb 18, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

2/18- CWE 50 Shades of Pain Results

Canadian Wrestling’s Elite returned to Winnipeg with another action packed show on Friday night the 15th. Here are the results,

1) “Hotshot” Danny Duggan defeated “The Blue Eyed Idol” Tyler Colton.

2) Syko made short work of Scottie Raver.

3) MARIUS pinned Kevy Chevy following a top rope leg drop.

4) TV Champion Billy Blaze retained the title against challenger B. Brian Rich.

5) “The Rebel” Bobby Collins was victorious over Samuel.

6) In a contest for the CNWA Provincial Championship, challenger AJ Sanchez defeated MENTALLO by DQ following an attack by MENTALLO’s tag team partner Tyler Colton.

7) In a 4th Anniversary show re-match Anderson Tyson Moore defeated La Sombra once again.

8) CWE Tag Team Champions The Sons of Anarchy won a non title match by disqualification against JJ Sanchez & Kory Kincaid when the Big Sexy Beasts attacked the SOA with a steel chair.

9) The Axe defeated “Bring The Pain” Matt Fairlane by DQ.

10) Kevin Cannon & his Mystery Client upset The Saints of Los Angeles.

11) The “Extreme Rules” match between former ECW World Champion Tommy Dreamer and CWE Champion Robby Royce became a 3-way dance with MARIUS after MARIUS was invited into the match by Dreamer after spouting off about how Dreamer was wrestling his championship match, one he earned by defeating Royce at the anniversary show. The match was ruled a no contest when a very large man hit the ring and laid out Dreamer, Royce, and the official before presenting the championship belt to MARIUS.

CWE returns to Winnipeg on Friday, March 15th when 4x ECW World Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas headlines “Extreme Measures”.

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