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Current photo of DDP, Jake Roberts and Scott Hall

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  1. Swayze says:

    I’ve never seen both of Jake’s eyes face the same direction before.

  2. StunningSteve says:

    I hope that DDP can help Scott Hall the way he has helped Jake. Of course, you can only help someone that wants to be helped.

  3. Joey says:

    The accountability crib should do him some good.

  4. that guy says:

    I really hope Scott can finally defeat his demons. Hall as Razor got me into wrestling and I truly wish him nothing but the best. And Jake looks great, hope he can keep it up

  5. Chris James says:

    God bless u scott

  6. Mr. Black says:

    I hope they cure Scott Hall, it’s a fantastic program that works.

  7. paul the package says:

    Nice shirt Scott hall 3 awesome wrestlers right there

  8. Shane says:

    Straight up, if Jake the Snake can be saved then anyone can be saved. Hope Scott has it in him

  9. -J- says:

    The Guru DDP!

  10. AwesomeOAdy says:

    I hope The Bad Guy sticks it out Get well soon Scott.

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