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Daily Discussion: You book WWE’s Elimination Chamber

Today’s topic: Vince McMahon calls you this morning to book his Elimination Chamber PPV, the final big show ahead of Wrestlemania 29. How are you booking the show?

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11 Responses

  1. Prince Dann says:

    The first one..

    Triple H
    Booker T

  2. Prince Dann says:

    Didn’t read it properly. Thought we were choosing the best one yet. If I was booking a chamber with todays roster..

    Cody Rhodes, Ziggler, DiBiase, Tyson Kidd, Jericho and Christian. :)

  3. Max says:

    Pre-show result:
    Tensai & Clay def. Rhodes Scholars. Can’t have a new team form just for them to lose their first ppv match.

    Miz def Cesaro for US title. A bit of a stretch but I think Miz will get the title for another strong household name for Wrestlemania, not sure if Cesaro is mainstream for the biggest event of the WWE season.

    Kaitlyn def. Tamina to retain Diva’s title. I see Kaitlyn being no.1 diva for a while.

    Smackdown Elimination Chamber. Jericho will win it, while some feuds continue, Kane and Bryan will screw each other somehow, maybe something with Mark Henry and Orton.

    Del Rio def. Big Show to retain, but then Ziggler will cash in finally. Ziggler hasn’t had anything to do this ppv so it’s likely for a cash in towards a Jericho vs Ziggler Wrestlemania showdown.

    Cena, Sheamus and Ryback over The Shield. To make the kids happy. Will be the match of the ppv though.

    Rock over Punk to retain. Rock is gaining momentum for Wrestlemania and I don’t see him losing this close to Wrestlemania. Maybe Punk joins in the Ziggler Jericho match, who knows.

  4. John says:

    Miz, Jericho, Swagger, Ziggler, Barrett, Sheamus

  5. Alex says:

    I would have done four chamber matches (wwe champ, #1 Contender for world title, intercontinental, and us champ) to hype up the ppv and make ppl wanna watch.

  6. Alex says:

    @Max you picked all faces…not even considering your choices.

  7. eddie says:

    Clay and Tensaiover

  8. MC Live says:

    Pre-Show: Brodus Clay and Tensai over Sandow and Rhodes. Ones gonna be a team in the future, they should win

    US Title Match- Antionio Ceasaro over Miz. Ceasaro is on a roll, gaining a lot of momentum, and there’s no reason to really slow it down here. Miz already has star power, and can wait till a later day for another title run.

    Diva’s Title- Kaitlyn over Tamina. Is this even a question?

    Elimination Chamber- This is a toss up, but I would have Jericho win.

    World Heavyweight Championship- Alberto Del Rio over Big Show. Once again, no reason to halt Del Rio as he’s building momentum. I would say for Mania, instead of Del Rio Jericho (which would be great) throw those guys in with a few others and have a multi man match with guys like Show, Swagger, Orton, and Ziggler.

    Cena/Sheamus/Ryback vs. The Shield- The Shield over the all stars. Cena and Sheamus don’t need a win. Ryback will eventually need a win, just not now. The Shield needs this win here. They need to keep the momentum going and keep looking strong. Personally I would have made this a 3 on 3 chamber match. Shield needs to pull out the win, probably a little underhandedly, but still they need to win to keep up the aura that they’re an unstoppable force.

    WWE Championship- Rock over Punk. It would be pointless to give Rock a 3 week WWE Championship reign ending at a B PPV before WrestleMania. In my booking world, Rock never would have won in the first place. But, if he has the belt now he’ll have it till mania

  9. eddie says:

    Clay and Tensai over Rhodes Scholar when Rhodes walks out on Sandow ending Rhodes Scholars.

    Kaitlyn over Tamina hopefully Kaitlyn and A.j. at Mania

    Del Rio over Big Show when Show loses his temper and gets gets dqed. After match big Show knocks out Del Rio and ziggler comes out and cashes in the brief case. Therefore Show and Del Rio scan continue there feud.

    Smackdown Elimantion Chamber Y2J wins after being last one out of his pod. In match Brayn eliminates Kane and then Kane chokeslams bryan causes him to get eliminated and continue their issues as a team. Also swagger eliminate Orton maybe starting a feud with them.

    Shield over cena and friends makes shield stronger and could allow for there feud with ryback and sheamus to continue.

    Punk over the rock because of stipulation that was made and Heyman hits rock causing a dq then Vince comes out and restarts match again and Rock wins clean

    Again what I would book to continue feuds and start new ones for mania

  10. Max says:

    @Alex it’s just my opinion and how I see the ppv will go.

  11. guestbooker says:

    The order I’d go as well
    Brodus and Tensai to win
    Miz over Cesaro with pin with feet on ropes
    Kaitlyn to win
    Alberto wins. Ziggler cashes in after Del Rio makes a come back. Big Show ko’s ref #1. Del Rio with enziguiri and waiting for a pin. Big E interferes with big finish on Del Rio. Ziggler and Del Rio each puth their arm over each other. 2nd ref comes out as 1st ref comes to. Each ref counts the other as winner. Mass confusion. Go backstage to Booker’s office where he is layed out. Ziggler leaves with belt.
    The Shield goes over pinning Cena to keep their dominanace in tact for Mania.
    The Rock retains after Triple H stops interference leading to Brock laying him out with an F5.
    Chamber has to main event when the PPV is named after it.
    Bryan eliminates Kane with small package.
    Orton eliminates Bryan after Kane goes for chokeslam and bryan escapes and turns in to RKO.
    Jericho eliminates Swagger
    Henry eliminates Orton.
    As Orton leaves the chamber, a group of Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, rush in to the Chamber. They lay out Jericho and Henry. Barrett then bull hammers Sandow as Rhodes is celebrating with his back turned. When Cody turns around he gets a bullhammer too. Leaving Barrett as last man standing.
    This leads to no true #1 contender and a World champion dispute. Booker T has no choice but to set up a tournament for the WHC at Mania exactly 25 years since the last one that Macho Man won at WM IV.
    Thats how I’d do it.

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