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Kevin Nash says Yoga won’t save Scott Hall

Nash via Twitter: Does anyone realize Scott will die if not taken to a hospital and clinically detoxed? You f**king idiots……Yoga great.20 years of abuse?

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  1. The Sheild says:

    Maybe stop using it friends personal problem as a crutch to get followers on twitter, of Nash really cares he’d do what he could, not be so passive & tweet about it

  2. ManWhale says:

    Dialysis wouldn’t save scott hall.

  3. art123guy says:

    Way to support your friend.

  4. ManWhale says:

    @adurka. hatas gon hate, mahn.

  5. art123guy says:

    @adurka It’s so sad you don’t get it. Yoga WITH DDP will help since it’s not JUST about doing yoga. DDP will also be trying to make sure Hall doesn’t drink or do drugs and making sure he eats right. The yoga will help Hall feel better about himself and get in shape. The last time I saw a video of Hall, he could barely walk. I don’t think chess will do any of that.

    And on top of all that, DDP will be doing this 24/7.

  6. Jon says:

    Kevin Nash is probably one of the problems as he and hall have been best friends for over 20 years so gotta think the one guy who always agreed to drink with him was indeed nash. HHH doesnt drink,HBK got clean. Looks like xpac got clean also as i doubt wwe would hire him if he wasnt. DDP’S accountability crib seems to have worked for JAKE the Snake so maybe it will work for HALL also. Its not just yoga, its about being accountable and having people there who will tell him NO. ITS not about yoga at all, some of you are being stupid in your comments, Ever watch the tv show intervention? You should cuz you’d realize all hall really needs is 1. the will to stop and 2. good people around him to help him out. DDP sounds like he could be that guy as it appears its worked for JAKE. how anyone can argue that what nash is saying is true is ridiculous. NASH is a problem for HALL, he is probably one of the reasons why hall drinks so much, HALL needs to stay away from NASH and if nash actually gave a crap about his friend, he would be supporting him instead of being a dbag about it. Way to go KEVIN, you just told your buddy its a waste of time… thats gonna help him for sure.

  7. Jon says:

    Nash also later deleted most of these comments so that tells me he realized he was wrong or, he smartened up and decided to be an actual friend but id suspect nash has been a problem all along for hall. Id imagine Kevin Nash has more of a role in halls drinking problems then people realize as nash also drinks a fair amount.

  8. Jon says:

    its not hating, some of you need to grow up and stop with the “hatas gonna hate” garbage cuz thats what it is, garbage. Its about a guys life here. A few of you probably get a kick out of it, seeing hall struggle, probably even hoping he dies. Seems to me, DDP cares more about hall than his own best friend as atleast DDP is trying to help him instead of telling him, whats the point, its not gonna work, etc etc like nash is.

  9. ManWhale says:

    @jon freedom of speech

  10. JD Storm says:

    i’m not sure Hall can be helped, at this point. his body has simply taken too much abuse.

  11. rebel says:

    Come on guys, deleting Durk’s comments just because he’s being a dick??? That’s taking it a step too far. What if I’m offended by e.g. poor grammar? Will you delete all comments with words like “u”, “cuz”, “b4” or “lol”? Censorship is never the way.

    I’m not supporting him in any way, this is purely about free speech. I hope you don’t feel the urge to delete this post, but if you do I’d welcome a public rebuttal.

  12. Budman316 says:

    what Kev is saying is that someone who has an addiction for 20 years can not and will not be erased because he is doing yoga or because JAKE did better. Scotts body is dependent on those pills he is taking and will for sure give him self a stroke if he quits like DDMe wants him to.. He needs PROFESSIONAL DOCTOR help not Professional Enhancement Talent help.


  13. havok says:

    well get him to the hospital then nash

  14. Ostego says:

    You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Professional help or DDP’s Yoga. It isn’t going to make a difference if Scott Hall isn’t willing to change.

  15. ManWhale says:

    @rebel dat’s dugh troof, troof!!!

  16. ManWhale says:

    And hope poor grammar really isn’t your soft spot, I just always say.

  17. Saint Savage says:

    At this point I believe anything is worth trying. Better to try and fail then do nothing and praise him after he is dead. There is still good in him. Sounds like a Star Wars line.

  18. -J- says:

    yoga couldn’t hurt jake the snake has well documented demons and yoga seemed to benefit him…his life is already toxic so it couldn’t hurt to at least try something that could have a positive benefit, right kev.

  19. Scott says:

    Like others have said. Kevin should have a talk with Jake Roberts before ripping on it.

  20. Bob says:

    Is the background music needed?? Could this ba staged?

  21. ManWhale says:

    Get well Scott hall I know I make lame jokes but deep down I love wresting

  22. ManWhale says:

    I didn’t say this^

  23. A says:

    Yoga is all fine and good, but Nash isn’t exactly wrong. Yoga will help with the aftermath, sure, but Hall does need to professionally detox. Do people not get that you can die from trying to quit something cold turkey?

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