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Hulk Hogan: “I love John Cena”

When asked about John Cena, Hulk Hogan via Twitter:

yes I love John Cena,you can always depend on him to deliver,do business and work harder than anybody else. HH

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15 Responses

  1. Jau says:

    Both of you are overrated & talentless.

  2. loo s says:

    Takes one to know one….no talent no selling hacks….

  3. -J- says:

    lol no surprise there BROTHER

  4. Ian says:

    Of course he does…he is uber over despite having only 5 moves.

  5. crispen wah says:

    Atta boy, put over the other companys talents while buryibg the hardworking guys in your own. Retard.

  6. Joe says:

    Lol im loving the Cena/Hogan hate here. Of course he loves John though, they’re practically the same person.

  7. Killpg says:

    Lobying for a job in year or 2 huh hogen? Yea kissing ass works wonders….. Ask ur bud eric lol

  8. Joey says:

    “He reminds me of a young me.”

  9. Fisha695 says:

    @crispen wah, isn’t that exactly what the Rock did this past Monday too? Buried Punk (in character) & put over Jeff Jarret (TNA found/co-owner)

  10. jasonX2 says:

    Hogan, the rock & cena their will never be anyone that can take these guys place so all you haters their is a reason why they were or are the guy!

  11. Kerry says:

    Of course Hogan loves John Cena. Cena is the Hulk Hogan for the 21st century.

  12. The original Travis says:

    You are so right. It is because of marks like you, and the amazing talents of the three men you mentioned that we even have a business to enjoy. Kudos to your intelligence as a smart fan sir!

  13. cas says:

    only because of the internet do we hate hogan. in the 80’s-90’s hogan changed most of our lives. Cena is doing the same to the younger generation of fans. internet came along and all think you know more about the business. who draws more than those two? why sould they not respect one another?

  14. The Sheild says:

    I love when people bring up drawing power & call others smarks, u sounds like a smark cause u changed a debate about work ability & talent, into a financial thing. Cigarettes are profitable, doesn’t make them good for u or their own industry, just cause u sell hats doesn’t mean it a great worker, to be fair though being a good worker doesn’t mean ull draw a some either.

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