2/13 WWE Main Event Recap

Feb 13, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

by Kevin Hensley

WWE Main Event Recap

February 13, 2013 (Taped February 12, 2013)

North Little Rock, AR at the Verizon Arena

Commentators: Michael Cole & John “Bradshaw” Layfield

-We get a video preview of the Highlight Reel, debuting tonight on Main Event, as well as a teaser for a CM Punk interview. Cue that Main Event open!

-After we’re welcomed into the arena, we go directly to Chris Jericho coming out for the Highlight Reel. Jericho hits the ring, shows footage of The Miz (his original guest tonight) getting hurt on Raw Monday, so for a “fill-in” guest, it’s the World Heavyweight Champion…Jericho stops short of introducing him to allow Ricardo Rodriguez to earn his check. Out comes Del Rio. Chris & Alberto have a semi-serious chat about Chris winning the No. 1 Contender’s Elimination Chamber Match Sunday, going to WrestleMania and beating Del Rio for the WHC. Alberto is, of course, not on course with this, but then, we get interrupted by Dolph Ziggler, AJ & Big E. Langston. After some poking fun at AJ, courtesy of Jericho (who else,) Dolph turns his attention to Alberto. After some banter, Del Rio challenges Ziggler to a match. Chris asks the crowd if they want to see it, which solicits a “Si!” chant in response. Will it happen? We won’t know until after the break!

[Commercial Break]

-Back from break, and Dolph has apparently accepted the challenge, the match is on!

1. Alberto Del Rio VS Dolph Ziggler (non-title match)

-Collar and elbow tie-up, no one gains an advantage. Another one, this time Alberto grabs a side headlock and takes Dolph down. Back up to the vertical base, and Zig pushes Del Rio into the ropes, but is met with a shoulderblock. You know what’s next! Alberto leaps over Dolph, ducks a leap frog, and then blocks a hip toss attempt with one of his own! Del Rio goes for a cover, gets a 0 count, Dolph rolls outside in anger. Back in the ring, Dolph did some serious studying, because he fakes out the babyface for a test of strength, but instead kicks Alberto in the gut. Into the corner, referee breaks Dolph’s momentum. When he heads back in, Del Rio reverses, and pounds away on Ziggler. Alberto charges in and hits an ENZIGURI on Dolph for a 1 count. Del Rio attempts a suplex, Ziggler blocks, reverses and hits it! Del Rio bumped weird there, landing solely on his left side. Ow. Ziggler works over Del Rio in the corner, pulls him out and hits a neckbreaker for a 1 count. Dolph hooks a reverse chinlock, Alberto up quick, 3 punches, and again, YOU KNOW WHAT’S NEXT! They changed it up a smidge, with Alberto ducking a clothesline before running into the KNEE INTO THE GUT. Ziggler gets a 2 count off of the knee of doom. Del Rio fights back, snapmares Ziggler over. Alberto measures him and kicks him square in the back. Painful. 2 count for that. Alberto hooks an armbar, to try and soften up for that CROSS ARMBREAKER. Dolph gets up, kicks Alberto in the shin, bounces off the ropes and Del Rio does a one-man flapjack! Alberto charges Dolph in the corner, Dolph moves and Del Rio SMACKS the ring post shoulder first to fall outside. We gotta go to break, 5:15 into the match.

[Commercial Break]

-Back from break, Dolph in control. With Del Rio down, Ziggler “shows-off” with SEVEN consecutive elbow drops, then jumps high in the air for an eighth. Nice show of stamina there. He gets a 2 count for all that trouble. Ziggler hooks an armbar where he pushes Del Rio’s head the opposite direction. Alberto to his feet, bounces off the ropes, and…GUESS WHAT? Del Rio became the first babyface in the history of wrestling to stop short of the knee to the gut by holding on to the ropes; Dolph puts his head down, Alberto charges off and gets met with a dropkick. Nice sequence. Cover, 1, 2, NO. Dolph picks Alberto up, whips him in the corner with the intent of doing it HARD, but Del Rio kinda just trots in, SLOW. That didn’t look good. Dolph waits and hits another dropkick for a 2 count. Ziggler back up, goes for a THIRD consecutive dropkick, but Del Rio catches him and CATAPULTS him into the ringpost! Both men slow to get up. When they do, Alberto charges in, Dolph backdrops him over the top rope and Del Rio’s face hits the steel steps on the way down. Again, OUCH. Ziggler goes out, gets Alberto, rolls him back in and gets a LONG 2 count. Dolph back up, stalks Alberto, gives up, goes out to the apron, climbs up top, but lo and behold, Del Rio pounces and crotches Zig on the top turnbuckle. Ah, babyfaces and heels, when will you learn your roles? Heels should NEVER take too much time climbing up top (see Flair, Ric.) Alberto climbs up top, with Dolph turned around, and hits a REVERSE DDT SUPLEX off the top. Holy cow, that looked AWESOME. Both men are down, referee administers the 10 count, but we gotta go to break at 10:02!!!

[Commercial Break]

-Before we re-join the match, we get an ad for the WWE Championship re-match at the Elimination Chamber this Sunday, between challenger CM Punk & champion The Rock.

-We now go back to the ring, with Alberto and Dolph exchanging punches. Dolph wins, and hits ANOTHER dropkick. I mean, it’s an impactful move, but come on. Both men down, but Dolph gets up and charges at Alberto in the corner. Del Rio ducks a clothesline, bounces off the ropes, hits Ziggler with two clotheslines and a SWEET tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Alberto is a HOUSE OF FIRE! Del Rio measures Ziggler, nails Dolph in the face with a superkick, and gets a long 2 count. Alberto calls for the CROSS ARMBREAKER; Dolph pushes him off into the ropes, jumps and hits a DDT on Del Rio. Cover, 1, 2, 2.99999999 to the 10th. Ziggler can’t figure out how to put Del Rio away. Dolph charges Alberto in the corner, Alberto ducks, turns Ziggler into the ropes so he’s facing the hard camera sitting on the second rope, and hits KIDNEY PUNCHES! Good grief, this is PHYSICAL! Crowd is electric. Alberto lets up, but only to use Dolph’s position in the ropes to hit a CODEBREAKER. Cover, 1, 2, NADA. Only because AJ puts Dolph’s leg on the bottom rope before the three. Clever, haven’t seen that in a while. Del Rio yells at AJ for a moment, which gives Dolph enough time to hit a FAMEASSER. Cover, 1, 2, HOLD ON BEFORE RINGING THAT BELL! Excellent match here. Dolph begins to pound Alberto for the trouble; Del Rio jumps off his knees with a kick to the face, and drops Ziggler with an armbreaker across his legs. PSYCHOLOGY! Still trying to soften up that arm. Del Rio calls for the CROSS ARMBREAKER again; Ziggler pushes him into the corner and hooks a SLEEPER. Alberto begins to nap, wills himself back up, swats Dolph off his back like a fly, charges and hits another enziguri in the corner. Cover, 1, 2, EH. 15 minutes have elapsed. Alberto is confused, not knowing how to put Dolph away. Del Rio calls again for the CROSS ARMBREAKER, and AGAIN, Ziggler slinks out, pushes Del Rio into the second rope, where Big E. Langston catches him flush in the face with a punch. Ricardo comes around and hits Big E. with the MEXICAN FLAG BUCKET, but that’s not gonna stop this monster!!! Langston chases Rodriguez to the back. They’re history. Dolph measures Alberto for the ZIG ZAG, Del Rio holds on to the ropes to block it, turns around, charges and locks in the CROSS ARMBREAKER! FINALLY! Ziggler struggles for a bit, but finally taps!!!

Winner: Del Rio by Submission in 16:27. At the start of the year, I said Sheamus/Ziggler was the best match that Main Event had produced. This match, right here, tops it. Excellent action, hot crowd. I’ll give it a ****/5, only because of the unnecessary hijinks outside.

-After a replay of the finish, Cole & JBL throw it to the end of Raw from Monday night, where Rock and Punk made contact. Rock hit the ROCK BOTTOM, tried to hit the PEOPLE’S ELBOW, but Paul Heyman grabbed his leg, allowing CM to hit the GTS and STEAL the WWE Championship belt! Punk is having some SERIOUS withdrawal issues. Notice the irony there? He’s next!

-Before commercial, we get an ad for WWE Main Event, again, DURING Main Event, featuring Kofi Kingston.

[Commercial Break]

-And we’re back! A graphic showing Team Rhodes Scholars (who broke up, only to reunite a week later with no explanation) will face Brodus Clay & Tensai on the Elimination Chamber YouTube pre-show match, this Sunday!

-We get an exterior shot of the Verizon Arena, then a graphic showing the participants for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship No. 1 Contender Elimination Chamber Match this Sunday. Now, say it five times, FAST!

-Matt Striker is standing by with CM Punk & Paul Heyman backstage. Heyman cuts him off, then proceeds to cut into Rock. Punk does the same. Standard banter to build up CM as a legit threat this Sunday. It worked.

-UP NEXT!!! We’ll go back to Raw AGAIN, to show the final build-up to The Shield VS John Cena, Ryback and Sheamus at Elimination Chamber.

[Commercial Break]

-Don’t forget! Coming soon! FAN-DAN-GO. Kudos to Johnny Curtis for embracing what he’s given.

-To close out Main Event, we see the segment from Raw Monday night in Nashville, where The Shield come out and cut a promo on their opposition Sunday (mainly Cena,) until the lights go out. Hey, that’s The Shield’s move! Back on, and Cena, Sheamus and Ryback clear the ring, chase The Shield up the stands and stand tall as Main Event signs off.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Only one match this week, but man, was it solid! An excellent way to give Alberto a win to look strong against The Big Show Sunday, but long enough with so much offense from Dolph he didn’t look weak losing. That being said, the show was used HEAVILY to hype the Elimination Chamber match this Sunday. Great idea. A solid 16 minute match, combined with smart build-up for the big show this Sunday, gives this show a **** and a half/5.

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