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Review of Wrestling’s Most Botched DVD‏

To kick off season 2 of the “Wrestling’s Most” series; Kayfabe Commentaries got together with Maffew and the fun gang at BotchaMania ( to collect 20 botches in and out of the ring for fans to pick from to create the top 5. Out are Danny Doring, JJ Dillon, Matt Borne, Demolition, Road Warrior Animal, Honky Tonk Man, Maria Kanellis, Billy Gunn & Chyna. The new cast of men and woman given the task on commenting on our votes are (yes I voted for Jeff Hardy performing at TNA PPV loaded):

Bill Apter, Kevin Nash, Stevie Richards, Tammy Sytch, Blue Meanie, Sean Waltman, Fit Finlay, New Jack, Diamond Dallas Page, Sandman, Vince Russo & Fred Ottman (Typhoon/Tugboat/ShockMaster)

I will not break Kayfabe and give the full top 5 so if you want that, stop reading my review now. This is an interesting selection to open the season as they gave voters botches that were in-ring by performers, out of ring by promoters and the one I voted for where Jeff Hardy went to the ring impaired on the main event of a TNA PPV against Sting (number 3). That was an office/backstage botch by TNA/Impact Wrestling that could have and should have been avoided. I enjoyed the discussion over that selection from the veterans on how they would have acted if they were in Sting’s shoes.

This is an interesting group that Sean Oliver and the office booked (watch their initial reactions to #2 on the list without holding a beverage or you’ll regret it) and I am intrigued to see what is next. I did vote for “Worst Gimmick” and currently on the site listed below you can vote for “Best Wrestling Booker” and now “Most Overlooked WWE HOF’er.” Next up on the roster are Breaking Kayfabe with Tammy Sytch (February 12) & Timeline of WCW 1988 with JJ Dillon (March 5).

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