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Daily Discussion: Aces and 8s storyline

Today’s topic: The Aces and 8s storyline. Kevin Nash tweeted, “story line is getting weak buy adding sub mid card players, history always repeats itself.” Where do you see the group going? If you were booking the storyline, where would you go from here?

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13 Responses

  1. Boogeyman says:

    End It!

  2. VDT says:

    Kevin Nash is the leader with D’Lo Brown as his #2!!! hahahahahaha

  3. T says:

    Have Jarrett be the main guy in charge. Have him say he wants his company back from Hogan. Have him say he all the members of Aces & Eights were wrestlers Hogan was planning to fire/refused to sign. Have him say how Hogan killed WCW and he won’t let him kill TNA. Have him say how Horace Hogan got a job in WCW because of Hogan. Have him say how Brooke has no business running the Knockout Division.

    I disagree with Nash about “mid card talent” as the WWE misuses a lot of people. Christian was mid card talent in the WWE prior to his time in TNA. So using Nashs logic Christian should have not been champ and headlining PPVs in TNA? Eddie, Rey and many other WCW mid card talent became stars in the WWE as well (no thanks to Nash). Let the WWE mid card talent have a chance to get over without the restraints of the WWE. If they fail so be it.

  4. -J- says:

    I’d like to see brooke hogan turn out to be the leader and then another biker gang come in and challenge them and have mike tenay turn out to be their leader…RATINGS.

  5. Sean Banner says:

    Reveal who is running Aces and Eights. At least give a hint. If Devon is their leader, Aces and Eights become nothing more than mid card job boys. Which wastes the angle.

  6. Y_Set says:

    Since this is TNA, Bully Ray is going to be revealed as their leader, or Kurt Angle, or Brooke Hogan, or AJ Styles.

  7. MC Live says:

    I’ve watched TNA about once in the past two years or so. It was the first night after A Double won the belt. I’ve tuned in a few times, and it’s all stupid. I read what’s goin on in TNA and refuse to tune in. Aces and 8’s needs to end. It started as a lapse logic, and has been a lapse in logic almost the entire time. They came up with Aces and 8’s so they could explain why Sting wasn’t in the Bound For Glory series. How bout because he’s 52 and doesn’t need to be in it? They never had a clear path in mind for Aces and 8 and that’s why they’re suffering. I say just end it

  8. DidAnybodyCatchThat says:

    To be honest i would not be suprised if The Shield went the same way.

  9. Thomas says:

    Somehow I have a feeling it’s gonna lead to someone gettin the big leg, brother.

  10. Guled says:

    Aces & 8’s was ruined when Wes Brisco botched his promo. “HAWK HOGAN.”

  11. DBRude says:

    I think, even anti-abortion activists would agree: that this is one time we can make an exception. This storyline needs to go!

    Maybe they should just have a massive brawl that puts all the older guys on the shelf, so the young and talented members of the roster can take over the show.

  12. DBRude says:

    Maybe James Storm can finally have that run he was supposed to get before this angle washed over.

  13. Wrestlings Future says:

    Wow… Here we go.

    Doc and Knox should be tag champs not Austin Aries and Bobby “I can’t wrestle without a partner” Roode. They should have added Tara as the queen of Ace’s and 8’s.(Women’s title). They could’ve had bigger names but it still works, its a great idea, but they needed to think of every aspect… Imagine if it was Haas, Benjamin, Masters, Carlito and Morrison. Boom ratings… Although I’m still hearing from friends in the area that they are seeing some of these guys in the area on thursday nights. I heard Snitsky is a member, which could spike ratings.

    I feel like it will end up being Bully Ray being the leader and secretly screwing with Brooke Hogan… Maybe he turns on her and Team 3D gets back together.

    What if its Matt Morgan… He hates hogan, he wants revenge, instant spike.

    In all honesty this has to be Jeff Jarrett. It always points around a certain person and who is crazy enought to bring in the sons of Gerry Brisco and Eric Bischoff… Jarrett

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