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Michael McGillicutty: “The Hennig name will endure forever”

Michael McGillicutty via Twitter:

My Dad lives thru me everyday. I swear on the moon & stars that my mark will be made in this business. The #Hennig name will endure forever.

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  1. Carlito Compton Cool says:

    Needs to drop the McGillicutty crap first.

  2. gnich62 says:

    I think that the fans crap on him BECAUSE they want him to become a Hennig. Not run from it.

  3. Vegeta says:

    its not his fault that he was given a crappy name,instead of using his real name,u want to blame somebody for it,blame it on VINCENT KENNEDY MCMAHON

  4. mackdeezy says:

    ^^^^ i blame strphanie

  5. Jempires One says:

    The name may NOT endure, because Curt embodied great ability and great charisma. Mike has the prior but has shown none of the latter.

    Guys that have no charisma but know the moves have different names than “Hennig”.

    Names like “Haas” and “Benjamin”.

    Spoken for truth, not hate. Just realistic.

  6. VDT says:

    Joe Henning is a perfect good wrestling name! I think he’d be over alot more if he used it from day one!!!

  7. Adam says:

    It’s not up to him though. WWE will have changed the name to one they picked so they can trademark it. You can’t trademark someone’s real name. It’s as simple as that.

  8. Swayze says:

    Curt was perfect. Joe is average.

    So when will we see the debut of “The Average Joe” Joe Hennig?

  9. Joan B. in S. C. says:

    @Swayze just gave me the perfect name for Henning – The Average Joe. Yes, we’ve done the common man in Dusty and Teddy Jr., but here’s how this would work. In promos, someone mentions his father being perfect, but how he’s just average…an average Joe. Then commentators starting making comparisons between him and his father during Joe’s matches. Joe then starts saying how yes, there was only one Mr. Perfect, but how he is so much more than a average. Then every week, he showcases just how good he really is.

    Yes, wishful thinking.

  10. Randy Van Hoose says:

    It was his (Joe) choice not to use go by his last name cus he didn’t want the special treatment.

  11. kidsampson says:

    Then name him Joe Henning, then when people refer to him that way he can be himself and his character becomes a natural extension of who he is. They can call him Joe Henning, to which he can object, saying he doesn’t want the special treatment: “Just Joe, Cole. Not Joe Henning, just Joe winning.”

    That’s the sort of dumbass catchphrase they would come up with. Yet this is the perfect scenario for any third generation wrestler to get over with, and one of the great storylines employed by Shakespeare with his sequence of plays chronicling the rise of a reluctant prince to his ascension as eventual king (Prince Hal > King Henry V).

  12. NCW Promoter says:

    He Has Big Shoes Into His Father Was A Great Professional Wrestler And Talker And He Was My Friend BUT Like David Sammartino He Has HUGE Shoes To Fill He Will Make A Name For Himself As Joe Hennig David Did Not Really Have A Chance And He Was Better Than Given Credit For I Know I Worked With Him Many Times Along With Curt Also Give Joe A Chance And Richie Steamboat Too He Could Be A Star

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