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Tojo Yamamoto Jr. in poor health

Tojo Yamamoto Jr’s mom via Facebook to us..

This is tojo mother he’s in bad health in hospital with double anmonia and blood clots in both lungs and sugar is over 400 and bp is 230/125 please report this on ur so people can prayer for my son who has gave his life to helping kids in need

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  1. James says:

    Never knew Tojo had a son.

  2. Fairfax says:

    I think its a work. I don’t think hes Tojo’s biological son. The guy is about four foot two and probably weighs 300 lbs. His poor health doesn’t come as much of a surprise. He promotes shows behind a mexican restaurant in illinois. A big mark for names, anyone who’s had a cup of coffee in the ent. Hopefully he makes a full recovery and this becomes a wake up call for his not so healthy lifestyle. And his mother can’t spell. Haha

  3. Dru Dice says:

    Tojo Jr. is real and true i have had the pleasure to know him. and despite his size i have had the pleasure to see his matches and be arount them in person. he is a great trainer, wrestler/athlete, and a great legend.

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