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Kevin Nash gives his opinion of the Aces and 8s storyline

Kevin Nash via Twitter:

Taz has an iron clad contract,that allows him to interact in felony acts and keep his job.Why don’t they raise 4 fingers on each hand? Ouch!

That’s all I wanted to comment about, story line is getting weak buy adding sub mid card players, history always repeats itself.

I love watching pro wrestling, not trying to s–t on the product.Just feel the show should revolve around Angle.who would kill the crew

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  1. Dragon says:

    well other than his misuse of the word buy instead of by I have to agree with Nash for the first time in a long time. Honestly they might as well just show scenes from SOA as opposed to the cheesy parody they are currently broadcasting. Might as well just bring in a bunch of Latino wrestlers and make a rival “MC”. So over the A&8s BS

  2. KC says:

    You just know the end result of this whole aces and eights thing will be Hogan dropping the leg on Jeff Jarrett.

  3. Jempires One says:

    It was intriguing at the start but ends up being guys like Mike Knox, Devon… Guys that aren’t beloved babyfaces turning heel to get heat and it lacked any sort of bigger name as the leader.

    I know a lot of fans though Jarrett would be the leader, would have been a better idea. The fact he’s not used at all is a joke.

    Aces and Eights became the Right To Censor…. they could of gotten Van Venis too!

  4. Jempires One says:

    * Val Venis Gotta love spell check!!!

  5. ManWhale says:

    Kevin Nash is just upset because he was a rip-off of the 4 horsemen as well….that and nobody wants or needs him for anything anywhere.

  6. Jon says:

    Kevin Nash is right. Its a ridiculous storyline, im pretty sure the same storlyine is being used on the tv show “the devils ride” which coincidentally is a tv show produced by eric bischoff. Sorry but Aces and 8’s is a joke. OMG its another jobber from the WWE. I just dont get TNA, they bring in all these wwe jobbers, guys who did nothing in wwe and they are dominating the TNA roster. Its just like yup, we suck so bad the guys who couldnt get over in the wwe are beating the crap out of all of our guys who couldnt get over in WWE. these storylines make tna pretty bush league when you actually think about it. Festus? Mike Knox? now TAZ? seriously? these guys were the guys who couldnt get over if they came to the ring on stilts in the wwe and now they are dominating TNA. LIKE lol. Casual fan tunes in and see’s oh mike knox, festus, but they sucked? yet are dominating this promotion? click.

  7. Jon says:

    even the biggest TNA fan in the world would have to admit that bringing in wwe rejects and jobbers and guys who never got over (festus,mike knox etc) and having them destroy your entire roster is pretty stupid.

  8. Jon says:

    you gotta look at these storylines as a casual fan, not a fan of tna or a fan of wwe but as the guy who rarely watches wrestling on tv. If im that guy and i tune into spike tv and see festus and mike knox destroying the entire tna roster, you know what i think? this is crap. this is the minor leagues. why? because the guys who sucked in wwe and regardless of what people say, wwe is well known, tna is not at all, well those guys who lost every week 5 years ago in wwe are now main eventing and destroying the entire tna roster. I start to wonder, if the guys who were getting killed in wwe are killing these guys ive never heard of (casual fans have not heard of aj stlyes or any of these guys) (when casual fan hears AJ, they think wwe’s AJ) why the heck should i even bother watching.

  9. Shockmaster Suplex says:

    Like to see Taz bust out a katahajime or a Saito Tazplex, oh wait, that was a decade and a half ago, still having ECW Hardcore TV flashbacks.

  10. Scott says:

    Unfortunately Taz is too banged up to consider even the most basic of moves these days, which is a shame because he could go back in the day.

    I think the problem with A&8 is they didn’t give the masked guys a chance to get over. They made Devon their mouthpiece and recruited Ken Anderson but they’re using Taz on the mic? What A&8 need is a BIG name to be revealed and the only candidates are D’Lo Brown, Jeff Jarrett and Eric Bischoff.

  11. P b says:

    Nash says history repeats itself. Lol nwo. Studs and mid card junkies. Lame. Knox and doc as a tag team. Would of been better.

  12. Fisha695 says:

    I just want to know if the A&8s B-Team is gonna have different music then the main guys.

  13. Killpg says:

    The reason they sucked in wwe is becuz the writers are lazy. And vince has a issue with ideas him his famliy or writers dident come up with.

  14. -J- says:

    dont need that lanky greedy bastard to state the obvious.

  15. Fairfax says:

    Mike Knox and Luke Gallows are actually two pretty talented big guys. They’ve been teaming on the indies for a while now. They fit well together. I AM NOT A CM Punk guy at all. I think the guys alright but unlike alot of you guys, I like to jerk off to hot women. CM Punk just doesnt do it for me. However they just put his new bio-doc in netflix and though I’d never consider buying it I gave it a shot. First off, I was wrong. It was pretty good. Despite not being a Punk mark it kept my interest and was pretty insightful. One of the things I thought was spot in was Punks evaluation of Luke Gallows. Punk said himself that Gallows should be a main event force in the WWE right now and that he can’t understand why he isn’t. Chew on that one. Mike Knox debuted on the crap ECW relaunch, got saddled with that lame Kelly Kelly storyline and then got injured. When he came back with the lumberjack beard they just didn’t know what to do with the guy. But Knox us every bit as good as any big guy in the WWE right now. Ryback, Kane, Brodus, Reigns, Lesner….which one works better than KNOX? Not a single one. I’ll agree whole heartedly that the Aces&8’s storyline has lost alot of momentum lately but I think the signing of Knox and DOC is a great thing potentially for TNA. I think that when this thing started, remember Sting had been announced as the very first inductee into the TNA HOF, having DOUBLE J behind it made perfect sense. As the founder of TNA who got booted out he has a score to settle with Dixie and Hogan and Bischoff. Fast forward to today and I honestly don’t think we’ll ever see Jeff Jarrett in a TNA ring again. At least not as an active competitor. So adherer does the story go now? Despite D-LO playing the boss or leader or mouthpiece on tv I think him being revealed as the leader would be rediculous. Bischoff makes the most sense but we’ve seen that time and time again. I was a huge TAZ fan from his ECW days but as far as TAZ in TNA, I miss Don West. I think the idea has to become something new. It will flop with Bischoff. Its too later for the King if the

  16. Fairfax says:

    Damned thing cut me off. Anyhow….its too late for the King of the Mountain. Snag anyone else who isn’t a seriously big name just won’t do. Instead of retreading the same tired ideas the only way to save this angle is too go in a completely new direction. Why not bring in somebody like a Gabe Sapolsky? Bring in as many off these internet darlings that are left on the indy scene. Have Gabe play up the fact that they couldn’t get in the impact zone/tapings or on Spike TV because they aren’t known or aren’t big enough. I realize its a stretch but what options do they have? What ideas do any of you guys have? Everyone likes to bitch about TNA and complain about the direction of Aces & Eights but I havent seen anyone throw outt any ideas of adherer it could go.

  17. DBRude says:

    “I just dont get TNA, they bring in all these wwe jobbers, guys who did nothing in wwe and they are dominating the TNA roster. Its just like yup, we suck so bad the guys who couldnt get over in the wwe are beating the crap out of all of our guys who couldnt get over in WWE.” ~ Jon

    That’s hilarious… and true! TNA seems to do these hostile takeover stories every time they get bored with their own product. But instead of established stars banding together for a common cause, we get an evil biker gang wearing masks this time, with Devon (Who they had built into a huge babyface, just last year) as the leader. It’s like Dixie and her husband were sitting around, watching Gangland on Spike one day, and one of them was like: “Wouldn’t it be cool if the Hell’s Angels took over TNA?” First, they’re attacking people with hand tools. Next thing you know, they’ll be smuggling drugs backstage. Mark my words.

  18. Ian says:

    Why do people constantly talk about bringing in WWE midcard rejects and making them big…do people NOT remember that Kevin Nash and Scott Hall were two of the worst lowcard rejects in WCW UNTIL WWE got them…does NO ONE remember the wonderful gimmicks Nash had in WCW (Master Blaster Steel or whichever one he was, Oz, and Vinnie Vegas) and dont forget Scott Hall (aka Diamind Studd)…lets see where they go with D.O.C. even CM Punk said he was basically screwed over by WWE and he is a good worker and should have been given more of a chance…I dont agree with Anderson, Bischoff, and Briscoe joining but oh well.

  19. Neumanrko9 says:

    How are we even supposed to take the Aces & Eights seriously when they lose on tv each and every week that’s what I wanna know

  20. LOGIC says:

    It’s called logic, it’s called writing,, a story takes tim

  21. Scott says:

    A story does take time but the problem with A&8 is that they’re meant to be a monster heel faction but take away their hammers and they do lose every week. As Fairfax said, Luke Gallows/DOC and Mike Knox should be winning their matches every week even without resorting to hammers. There’s nothing scary or monstrous about A&8, especially so with their latest recruits. The Team Angle ripoff storyline was done so long ago, that other company went by a different name. Garrett and Wes are no Haas and Benjamin.

  22. Adam says:

    The thing is, this group has…well it had at least, it doesn’t anymore, the potential to get a lot of heat from the fans. But whichever member of them is in a match against someone on the TNA roster, they’re booked to lose. Anderson lost his match with Angle, Devon & DOC lost to Bully Ray and Sting, Mike Knox lost to Sting. They’re failing miserably because they’re not made to seem like a legitimate threat when they can’t even win a damn match. It would not have damaged anyone’s (Sting, Ray, Angle etc) credibility to have them lose to them. They’re all over, they can cut a promo the week after and the fans will still love them. It’s simple booking and TNA can’t seem to get it right with A&8’s.

  23. StunningSteve says:

    Sedpite the horrible spelling I see Nash’s point. It makes no sense to have an invasion group who has no star take on the biggest stars in TNA. It diminishes your name brand stars and doesn’t elevate the other guys. If you are going to do it you need to go all out, like the WWE started to with Nexus but then chickened out. You need to make all the guys unknown quantities and have them dominate. Neither has happened so Aces and Eights just look weak and like a non-threat.

  24. StunningSteve says:

    LOL. Then I spelled despite wrong so I guess I am the pot calling the kettle black. Instant karma.

  25. StunningSteve says:

    To address those who are defending the workers: I don’t think anyone believes they don’t have talent but they are being jobbed out week after week. You can’t look intimidating if you constantly are getting beat.

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