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Kevin Nash gives his opinion of the Aces and 8s storyline

Kevin Nash via Twitter:

Taz has an iron clad contract,that allows him to interact in felony acts and keep his job.Why don’t they raise 4 fingers on each hand? Ouch!

That’s all I wanted to comment about, story line is getting weak buy adding sub mid card players, history always repeats itself.

I love watching pro wrestling, not trying to s–t on the product.Just feel the show should revolve around Angle.who would kill the crew

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  1. rvd420 says:

    nash is right on one thing tho, they have KURT FREAKIN ANGLE, and dont use him to the Cena potential he has, he should be that company’s big gun and much like Cena has done in the past and will do again (sadly) squash the bullshit teams. Dont get me wrong if it were me id watch the shield destroy cena every hour on the hour, but building one face for your company is good business, what the fuck did they do to aj styles?!

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