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Daily Discussion: Who should induct Trish Stratus?

Today’s topic: Who should induct Trish Stratus into the WWE hall of fame?

Yesterday’s discussion – Who should induct Bruno Sammartino?

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24 Responses

  1. J says:

    The first one that immediately comes to mind is Christian. The best suited for the job, IMO.

  2. Kid Vicious says:

    I’d keep it simple; either a woman already in the HOF, like Wendi Richter, or whoever the incumbent woman’s champion is at the time of the ceremony.

  3. Saint Savage says:

    Lita. They both have history together.

  4. maverick says:

    Lita, no question

  5. MC Live says:


  6. Cronin says:

    Should be Lita surely.

  7. The ayatollah says:


  8. Travis says:


  9. I'maPaulHeymanGuy says:


  10. JDBJJ says:


  11. haywood jablowme says:

    Lita or stephanie

  12. Skeeter Valentine says:

    Lita would make the most sense

  13. gerry says:

    Triple h and stephanie

  14. Jess says:

    Lita then trish can return favor next year

  15. Fisha695 says:

    Ron Hutchinson, the man who trained her and so many other great wrestlers that have come out of Canada (Edge, Christian & Gail Kim to name a few)

  16. Prince Dann says:

    Lita, 1000%.

    Then Trish should return the favour and induct Lita next year.

    Just don’t have the entire current female roster induct her, it would be a shame.

  17. Sinnful says:


  18. cas says:

    since i can’t be there, Lita should do. is there really any other option. Mickie James on loan possibly…

  19. Snow says:

    Lita, there is no other acceptable answer.

  20. Meh says:

    Tensai (As Albert he was in a stable called T&A with Test and Trish)

  21. James says:

    I say the following people…
    Fit Finlay (as he had a hand in training her)
    Tensai (as he was managed by Trish when she debuted in 2000)
    Christian (as he was managed by and feueded with her)
    Chris Jericho (look at Christian)
    Triple H (caught in the middle of a feud between her and Stephanie McMahon)
    Lita (on-and-off partnership and rivalry)

  22. -J- says:

    Jericho…or Steph.

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