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Who might CM Punk’s Wrestlemania opponent be?

Until The Undertaker declares himself unable to compete at Wrestlemania 29, the company is hopeful they’ll have an Undertaker vs. CM Punk showdown on the card. However, The Undertaker is really banged up (partially his hip and shoulder), and his friends are actually hoping he doesn’t do the match. If Taker can’t work the show, here are a few possibilities for CM Punk:

– singles match with Ryback

– The Rock vs. John Cena vs. Punk in a three way for the WWE title

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  1. Guled says:

    it would be awesome if punk, cena, rock, ryback & undertaker all compete in a five-pack challenge.

    Alas, it would never happen ;vd

  2. -J- says:

    Taker has earned a rest, get that mini taker from a few years back to fill in…or have kane defend his brother’s streak. -___-

  3. kidd-cage says:

    It’s more fitting for Punk to be added in a triple threat match with Cena & Rock.

  4. Fairfax says:

    Brian Lee is a real life cousin to Ron and Don “creative control-grim twins-bruise brothers-skull & 8Ball-big Ron and Heavy D-jacob and eli blu” Harris. But he iss in no way, shape, or form related to the undertaker. And if fat and out of shape equal superb then YES, YES, YES, YES Brian Lee if superb. From what I hear he can score some superb meth too. Haha

  5. Jempires One says:

    If Taker is that banged up he should either appear at WM to retire mid-ring OR wrestle and put someone over if he has one final match.

    If its good enough for guys like Flair it’s good enough for Taker.

  6. kidsampson says:

    Taker is looking a bit like Ozzy. Maybe they will take his character that route, have his snap, and bite off the head of a chicken during his entrance.

  7. jake the snake says:

    How is the Undertaker banged up when he only wrestles once a year?

  8. M.J, Wright says:

    @Jake. The Undertaker has been wrestling for over 27 years and has had some bad injuries in the past. The injuries don’t heal as fast when you get older. He’ll be 48 in March. Taller athletes tend to hurt more easily (just ask any legendary basketball player how their knees and back are)If his body says no, then He shouldn’t do it.

  9. Jon says:

    are you people forgetting wrestlmania is in new york/nj? the biggest possible market wwe has and always has had. I tend to think of brock vs goldberg at wrestlmania in nyc as what could happen to this wrestlmania. The crowd will be filled with marks, half the IWC, if not more live in the north east and will be there live at the stadium. Random dude could care less if rock is taking on cena or punk or both, it doesnt matter, they will order it to see the ROCK, cena or his opponent is irrelevant. Nobody cares about John Cena, he’s not as mainstream as some of you think. Just cuz he appears on tv shows that are on at 1 in the morning dont mean anyting. JUST cuz he’s been in 2 movies that flopped dont mean anything. If anything, id cater to the fans in the building, cena will be bood out the building, rock might get the same reaction if people knows he wont be around much longer, to make the people who paid the guaranteed money happy, you put punk in there so they have someone to cheer for. Rock vs Cena? who cares, ill tell you what, the mainstream dont give a crap, rock vs cena vs punk? again who cares? seems like the paying fan does and that should be who wwe is trying to make happy. Wrestlemania will pop a buyrate regardless of if its rock vs cena or rock vs cena vs punk. Actually putting punk in there might create a bigger buyrate as its not a repeat of last years match. Wrestmania the repeat this year it seems, rock vs cena, brock vs hhh, jericho vs ziggler probably. In new york? not sure how well that gets over, put punk in with cena and rock and atleast you get something new and not a repeat from years past.

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