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Daily Discussion: Who should induct Bruno Sammartino?

Today’s topic: Now that Bruno Sammartino has agreed to being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, who should do the honors of inducting the longest-running champion of the World Wide Wrestling Federation?

Yesterday’s discussion – Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair

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28 Responses

  1. Meh says:

    Santino “The Milan Miracle” Marella.

  2. rebel says:

    Vince should and I have a feeling that he will, but we’d probably get a better speech from Larry Zbyszko.

  3. Kid Vicious says:

    Vince McMahon

  4. jon says:

    i think larry zbysko should induct bruno into the hall of fame.. why isn’t larry in the hall of fame?

  5. MC Live says:

    Ric Flair or Superstar Nilly Graham!

  6. MC Live says:

    Billy Graham. Darn. My joke was ruined by a typo

  7. Kid Vicious says:

    Oh man, I’d mark out for Nilly Graham!

  8. Travis says:


  9. Alex says:

    I think Mr. McMahon should do the honors.

  10. The best person that should induct Bruno, should be of these six guys:

    Paul Heyman: The guy got his start as a photographer for WWE, before he became a manager and owner of ECW. Hey was around the company at the time that Bruno was world’s champion.

    Pedro Morales: the guy that Bruno had defeated at Shea Stadium to recapture the WWE world’s title from .

    Jim Ross: it would be a honor to have one of the greatest announcers , to induct him in.

    Bill Watts, They guy that was transitioned to becoming a main event player in the WWWF by turning on Bruno. and becoming a h.o.f’mer himself.

    Joey Styles or Matt Striker: nuff said

    Triple H. nuff said, he brokered the deal .

  11. snowpanth says:

    His son David

  12. Boogeyman says:

    I have a feeling we may see Triple H do it

  13. machine says:

    Larry Zbysko.

    Or HHH since he is responsible for making the deal.

  14. MoneyInTheBank187 says:

    A big name from the 1970s or 1980s. and it should be a Legend / current hall of famer.

  15. Evil Zebra says:

    Fellow Italian, Salvatore Sincere should induct Bruno!!

    And I mean dat fromma da bottom of my heart….. SINCERLY!!!

    Congrats to Bruno!!

    Take it,

  16. gerry says:

    Doink the clown would be perfect

  17. JDBJJ says:

    Triple H or Jim Ross are the likely contenders

  18. EastportCoach44 says:

    HHH would give a hell of an induction and would give Bruno all the props that he so deserves.

  19. Skeeter Valentine says:

    Sho Funaki

  20. 438 TGO says:

    Shane McMahon. There would be no issue with Shane stealing the spotlight. And what I better way to cross ALL generations of fans. Vince doing it would ruin it for a lot of people considering Superstar’s opinion of the product and Vince himself (although it wouldn’t surprise me if the ego of VKM demanded that he do the induction). Plus, the return of Shane-O… c’mon!

  21. Mr. Black says:

    I say Pedro Morales, definitely not that hack Larry Zbyszko.

  22. Travis says:

    Ryback. Bruno sucks and was lucky

  23. skrat says:

    one of his great adversaries the rusian bear Ivan Koloff…or larry Zbysko

  24. Mr. Black says:

    @Travis go spam somewhere else, dweeb.

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