2/6 WWE Main Event Recap

Feb 6, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

WWE Main Event Recap by Kevin Hensley
February 6, 2013 (Taped February 5, 2013)
Jacksonville, FL at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Commentators: Michael Cole & John “Bradshaw” Layfield

Due to a terrible storm in my part of the United States last week, I was without power, which is why I didn’t post a recap last week. Thanks to Steve for covering for me, now I’m back with another edition of WWE Main Event!

-After the Main Event open, Cody Rhodes marches down to the ring and demands mic time. He argues with Michael Cole briefly, and stages a sit-down strike in the ring until Booker T, Vickie Guerrero or Mr. McMahon come out and give him a spot in the Elimination Chamber. This brings out Sheamus, Rhodes’ opponent, to poke fun at Cody. Sheamus does a decent impression of what Booker T’s response would be, then a great impression of Vickie, and a not-so-good impression of Mr. McMahon. Cody attempts to strike Sheamus, then Sheamus knocks him to the floor. They’re in action, NEXT!

[Commercial Break]

-Back from break, the bell rings, we’re underway!

1. Cody Rhodes VS Sheamus
-Lot of dominance from Sheamus to start. Shoulderblocks, armbars, punches, just knocks Cody around like a pinball. He even works in his 10-blows-to-the-chest-on-apron spot. Cody sells like a champ, but sadly doesn’t get much offense in, just a few limited punches and reversals. Sheamus is still in control as we go to break 6:32 into the match.

[Commercial Break]

-Back from break, and Sheamus is still in control, but not for long, as Rhodes attempts to ground him. That doesn’t last long, as Sheamus fights back. Cody scores a near-fall following an enziguri on the top rope, but other than that, it’s WHITE NOISE, then the BROGUE KICK, and Sheamus gets the pin. Clean. Yeah…

Winner: Sheamus in 11:30. I did summarize the match quite a bit, but here’s why. Sheamus dominated for literally nine minutes of it, then Cody got some limited shots in for the other two and a half minutes. Horrible booking, considering Cody is supposedly in line for a huge singles push. This came across as a glorified squash. The two wrestlers were just doing what they were told, but thanks to the asinine booking, this match gets a 1 1/2*/5.

Before we go to break again, we get a graphic for Rhodes’ now FORMER tag team partner Damien Sandow, facing Daniel Bryan, NEXT! Well, that’s promising. Things are looking up…

[Commercial Break]

-Back from break, and Sandow is introduced. He berates the fans, then says he’s going to avenge Cody’s loss by beating, “…his arch-nemesis. Bearded goat-face Daniel Bryan…” wow, so Damien has an arch-nemesis? Nice. Bryan comes out, the bell rings and we’re off!

2. Damien Sandow VS Daniel Bryan
-Some fast paced action to start things off. The action goes outside, Bryan hits a knee to the face of Sandow off the apron, then, 1:30 into the match, Kane’s pyro goes off, and he comes out, to argue with Daniel over Raw Monday Night (in short, Daniel got attacked by the returning Mark Henry, got mad because Kane didn’t come out and help, even though he had told Kane not to come out for ANY reason, then Bryan came out during Kane’s match to distract him, causing Kane to lose.) He distracts Bryan long enough for Sandow to roll him up, for 1, 2, NO! Daniel up and hits some serious YES!/NO! kicks to Damien, then Kane shoots his ringpost pyro off, this time enough of a distraction for Sandow to headbutt Bryan in the gut, hit a neckbreaker, and get the three count. Wow.

Winner: Damien Sandow in 2:31. Absurdly short considering the talent in the match, but they packed a lot of moves into two and a half minutes, so we’ll give this one 2*/5, since, you know, the short match made STORYLINE sense, unlike the first bout.

-Kane and Bryan argue some more outside the ring, then we go backstage to find Aksana & Tamina attempting to seduce Brodus Clay. Nice. Apparently, they want to be his dancers, but Cameron and Naomi come into frame and say ENOUGH OF ALL THAT! After some back and forth bickering, Cameron and Naomi throw some food into Aksana & Tamina’s face, then head off, laughing.

[Commercial Break]

-We’re back! Cameron and Naomi have a match now against Aksana & Tamina, and are heading to the ring when AKSANA AND TAMINA JUMP THEM IN THE AISLE! That’s an old-school heel tactic we don’t see much anymore, and it’s exciting to see change from the monotonous norm of regular programming. As the refs break it up, we have to go to break again!

[Commercial Break]

-We return to referee Scott Armstrong ringing the bell, the last match of the night has started!

3. Cameron & Naomi VS Aksana & Tamina
-Milestone match here. First of all, this is the first time the Divas have got a slot on Main Event, over it’s four-month existence, and two, this is the first time Main Event has produced three matches. With all that in mind, this match goes over well, as Cameron starts and plays Ricky Morton, in control early on, gets worked over by Aksana & Tamina NICELY, I might add, with PSYCHOLOGY such as “cutting the ring off.” Old-school feel in our true “Main Event” tonight. Naomi finally gets tagged, and goes crazy on Aksana & Tamina, with clotheslines and dropkicks to boot. She shows more of her athleticism by jumping out and grabbing a re-grouping Aksana and rolls her back in, goes up top, gets a CROSSBODY for a two-count. Back up and she ducks an Aksana clothesline, and nails a HARLEM SIDEKICK to the face of Aksana! That’ll do it.

Winners: Naomi & Cameron in 4:36. All four Divas busted their tails for four and a half minutes, a great match with very few mistakes, so we’ll give it a 2/5*/5.

After a replay of the finish, we sign off with Brodus in the ring dancing with his girls!

FINAL THOUGHTS: Tonight’s Main Event managed to pack a lot into a one-hour show. That being said, Sandow going over was good for his push and for the Team Hell No! storyline, the Divas brought their working boots, but I’m still addled over Sheamus basically squashing Cody Rhodes. Nothing against Sheamus, but he seems to get useless wins when he doesn’t need them. He’s basically bullet-proof by now anyway, and if he lost to Rhodes in a 11 MINUTE MATCH, it wouldn’t have hurt him anyway, but would’ve helped Cody a ton. That being said, this show gets an overall 2/5*/5.

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