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Complete Raw Results 02/04/13

We start the show with a recap of last week.  Showing us the return of Brock Lesner.  What will he has instore for tonight.

We are in Atlanta, GA tonight.  The home of the old WCW.  The first thing we hear is Cult of Personality.  CM Punk makes his way to the ring.  Punk grabs ring announcer Justin Roberts and makes him announce him as the People’s Champion CM Punk.  Punk says people are saying he over reacted last week.  He says that is because most people have never held anything as important as the WWE title.  Punk asks the crowd if they saw him in the video from last week with the Shield.  He says they have all been duped to believe this.  He says if Paul Heyman says it wasn’t him in that video, then it isn’t him.  CGI!  Punk says at Elimination Chamber he will make all the wrong’s right by defeating the Rock and winning back the WWE title.  Out comes Smackdown GM Booker T.  He says Vicki Gurerro has given him the right to decide Punk’s fate tonight.  But he says he is going to leave it up to the WWE Universe.  The can go on the WWE App and vote for any of Punk’s last 3 Wrestlemania opponents.  Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, or Chris Jericho!  Punk is livid with this decision.

We are also going to hear about the next inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame.  ESPN broke the story today and we will finally have Bruno Sanmartino inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame!!

Back from break we head to the ring


Ryback vs US Champion Antonio Cesero

Non-Title Match

Interesting that it is not a title match.  Ryback has never been US champ.  He has just kind of leap froged all of the that.  Maybe he will carry it on the way down the ladder.  Ryback starts the match by just beating Antonio down.  He hangs him in the corner upside down and begins to kick him over and over.  Antonio slides out of the ring and begins to work Ryback over.  not a bad match.  These two have met quite often lately and Antonio has walked out on a couple.  Antonio sends him into the stairs and leaves him for dead.  He jumps back in the ring and lets the ref start his ten count.  Ryback gets to his feet and hits the ring at 9.  Antonio is really working him over.  Ryback turns the tide back his way and and tries for the shell shock but Antonio jumps out of the ring and tries to escape.  Ryback grabs him and drags him back in.  He then sets him up for the shell shock and hits it this time.  Ryback is blown up but he covers for the pin.


Winner- Ryback

Back from break we see Chili from TLC is sitting in the front row.  We have also had interviews with Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio as to why they should meet CM Punk tonight here in Atlanta.

Backstage we see John Cena talking to Vicki Guererro.  She says she heard John Cena is going to go to the ring and call out The Shield.  She asks him if he has a death with.  He says he is going to Wrestlemania to regain the WWE Title.  But first he is going to stop the Shield.

Back to the ring we go…..

Santino Marella vs. Jack Swagger

So glad to see Jack back.  He is wearing all black now and it fits his persona.  Santino is trying to make this a comedy match.  Booker T has joined the announce team for this match.  Booker is announcing that Swagger will be in the Elimination chamber for sure along with Rey Mysterio.  Swagger locks on the Ankle Lock of Santino for the tap out.  Swagger has said he is going to call it the Patriot Act now.

Winner via submission Jack Swagger

Back from break and we has WWE Gold coming to the ring

World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio vs Cody Rhodes

Non-Title Match

Del Rio is without Richardo because of the injury Big Show gave him.  Cody is now a singles wrestler after Friday night The Rhodes Scholars disbanded.  Del Rio is wrestling angry because of Big Show.  He is working Rhodes over and setting him up for a super kick and a pin.  Rhodes kicks out and turns the tables on the champ.  He goes for the Cross Rhodes but Del Rio turns it into the Cross arm breaker for the win.

Winner via submission World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio

After the match Del Rio tells the crowd how he has changed.  How he now loves and respects them.  He then says he is going to get even with Big Show for what he did to his friend Richardo and it will happen soon.  The Big Show then came of the screen and tells Del Rio that he wants a rematch at Elimination Chamber.  He tells Del Rio to find Booker T sign the contract and have them get it to him tonight!!


We come back from break with highlights of Team Hell No losing a non-title match to Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara last week on Smackdown.  After the highlights we see Daniel Bryan and Kane yelling at each other.  Each is blaming the other one for the loss.  Bryan tells Kane to stay out of his match tonight.  Kane says no problem.

Rey Mysterio vs Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan is trying to impress Booker T enough to get into the Elimination Chamber.  Rey is already in.  Great match to start with Bryan hitting a tombstone reverse kneedrop on Rey.  Amazing.  Bryan then sets Rey up in the Tree of Woe, but Rey pulls up just in time.  Rey then hits a Huricanrana followed by a roll thru kick to the head.  Rey sets up the 619, but Bryan counters into the label lock.   Rey rolls it over in to a school boy.  near fall!!!  Rey then goes for the 619 hits it follows with the spash from the top rope, but Bryan moves and locks on the label lock for the submission.

Winner-Daniel Bryan

After the match as Bryan celebrates, Mark Henry’s music hits!!   He comes to the ring and levels Daniel Bryan and then absolutly destroys Rey.  As Rey is getting beat down Sin Cara comes down and tries to help, but Henry levels him.  Rey may be out for awhile.

We now go back to Big Show at an undisclosed location wait for his contract to show up.  He is on the phone with Booker T asking about it.  We will wait and see.

Back to the Ring……

Sheamus vs Kane

These two beasts slam into each other right away and see who is bigger and stronger.  Kane gets the upper hand first and works him over pretty good.  Sheamus pulls out an Irish Curse backbreaker to counter the momentum.  Sheamus has more indivdually named moves than anyone in WWE.   Kane goes up top for his famous right hand but misses.  Sheamus goes for White Noise and misses.  Kane tries for the Tombstone, but Sheamus slides out.  Daniel Bryan comes down to the apron and and yells at Kane.  Just enough of a distraction to let Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick for the win.




Back from break we have Miz TV.  Miz says he is here to bring down Paul Heyman to discuss why he had Brock Lesner come out and F5 Vince McMahon.  Paul comes walking out telling Miz to stop slandering his name.  He then says he wants to wish Vince a speedy recovery from hip surgery.  He says he had no idea that Brock was in Las Vegas.  He had nothing to do with Lesner or the Shield.  He says he has questions for Miz.  Doesn’t Miz think that CM Punk was screwed by Vince.  That Paul was wrongfully accused.  Miz says Paul is changing the subject.  Paul gets in the Miz’s face.  Miz tells Paul to back up. Out comes Vicki Guerrero to tell them to stop.  She says she is the one who brought Brock back to Raw.  She says she did it to impress Vince.  She says she had no idea Brock would do that to Vince.  Vicki begins to sob and say how bad she feels.  Paul gives her a hug and tells her he believes her.  Vicki says we should all pray for Vince.  Miz does his little Really bit.  He does not believe them.  Miz continues to let them have it.  And then we hear it……..Brock is coming!!  Lesner hits the ring and has a cold stare of death.  Miz shoves Brock and Lesner levels him with a clothesline and then tosses him hard from the ring.  He then begins to throw all the furniture out of the ring.  Miz gets back in the ring and attacks Brock.  Brock grabs him and hits an F5.  Miz has been squashed.  Lesner is an animal.


In Ring Action…..

Randy Orton vs IC Champion Wade Barrett

Non-title Match

As they are coming out we see a quick interview with Bo Dallas, the NXT wrestler who beat Barrett last week on Raw.  He says he may be the underdog, but he has bite.  He is the first Royal Rumble participant who was born after the first Royal Rumble.  I am old.  Early in the match a “Let’s go Barrett” chant is going thru the arena.  Odd.  Barrett is working Orton over.  Physically they match up well.  Barrett is working hard on telling a good story in this one.  But the last time these two met Barrett won clean.  So……..Orton hits the RKO for the win.


Winner-Randy Orton


Back from Break and we have out Main Event

CM Punk vs Chris Jericho

This is a dream match folks.  It could headline any PPV.  This is day 7 of the non title reign of CM Punk.  This crowd is so damn hot.  They are echo chanting “CM Punk!”  “Y2J!”  The two men are feeding off of this energy.  Y2J puts Punk in the corner and works him over.  Punk reverses and sets Y2J into the tornado DDT.  He calls for it and turns him, but Y2J pushes him out.  Back from break and then are deep into this one.  Y2J is laid out and punk is going for a missle spash, but misses.  Y2J hits the bulldog followed by the lionsault!  Punk counter, but Y2J coutners setting up the Walls of Jericho , but Punk kicks out before its locked on. Punk goes for the running knee, but Y2J moves and Punk lands on the top rope.  Y2J jumps  up and hits the huricanrana from the top rope.  Cover…………but he gets 2.  Y2J goes for a splash but Punk sets up the GTS, Y2J gets out and sets up the Walls again.  Punk rolls him up in to an inside cradle for a 2 count, Y2J flips for his own 2 count!!  Punk hits the knee to the face, followed by a clothesline.  He then climbs to the top rope for the big elbow.  But misses.  Y2J then hits the biggest and longest lionsault I have ever seen.  Punk then locks on the Anaconda vice in the middle of the ring.  Y2J slowly drags Punk to the rope to get out of the hold.  Punk then sets up the GTS, but Y2J locks on the Walls.  This is awsome is the chant going on right now.  And yes this is awesome.  Punk makes it to the rope, but is hurt bad.  He tries another GTS, but can’t get him up with a hurt back.  So he shoves him into the post and then hits the GTS.  Winner!

Winner-CM Punk

Best match on Raw in last 18 months

We now get the official announcement.  Bruno Sammartino is going into the WWE Hall of Fame.  Enough said.


Back from break we see CM Punk walking in the back.  Matt Stryker asks him where his head is at.  He says the Rock may have the belt, but he is the champ.

We now see a video montage of all the press WWE has received since The Rock won the title.  Very smart business.

Back from break we see Big Show waiting for the contract to show up at his hotel.  There is a knock at the door and it is messenger with the contract.  Show brings him in the room and signs the contract.  The whole time the messenger is trying to tell Show something.  Show won’t listen.  When he opens the door Alberto Del Rio is waiting for him.  The two go to blows and it is a pier six brawl.  Del Rio grabs a fire extinguisher and sprays Show and then knocks him out with it and leaves.

Back in the ring Brad Maddox is waiting with a mic.  He says Paul Heyman preyed on him and used him.  He says he was an innocent victim.  Brad says he is the hero of the story.  He says it is going to be him and not John Cena who is going to teach the Shield about justice.  He invites the Shield to the ring.  We hear the radio calls and the Shield work their way down to the ring.  They tell Maddox he has hell to pay for being the Rat.  They come into the ring and level him.  They Cena’s music hits.  He is coiming through the crowd.  Then Rybacks music hits and Sheamus, and they are coming through the crowd also!!!  The Shield tries to escape up the ramp but the locker room empties and blocks their escape.  The jump back in the ring and are attacked by Cena, Sheamus, and Ryback.  After the beat down the Shield run back through the crowd.


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29 Responses

  1. thrilledfan says:

    Lets go Jericho!!!

  2. david r. says:

    Booker seemed kinda flustered. Guess even the memory of WCW ruins everything.

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Looks like Jack Swagger has had Jack In The Box a few too many times lately.

  4. David K says:

    BRUNO to the WWE Hall of Fame. It has been a long time coming.

  5. James says:

    LOL @ the Big Show tip segment.

  6. haywood jablowme says:

    Nice to have mark back.

  7. -J- says:

    thanks for ending that horrible miz segment brock.

  8. Joey says:

    Thank you, Brock

  9. haywood jablowme says:

    If only punk and jericho could wrestle every night

  10. Rex Anderson says:

    Bruno Sammartino – About damn, damn, DAMN TIME!

  11. Joe says:

    Looks like Cena is having a herpes outbreak.

  12. Mr. Black says:

    Is it safe to say this has been the best raw so far this year?

  13. Joey says:

    No, it was pretty boring.

  14. -J- says:

    sheamus with the crazy eyes running through the crowd.

  15. Science & Violence says:

    Russo and Ferrara are doing a hell of a job.

  16. MattR says:

    I’m actually a little disappointed there wasn’t a divas match this week. Last week actually had me interested with the ending to the match seeming like it was a setup for a battle royal or something.

  17. Mr. Black says:

    @ Joey So actual wrestling is boring these days huh?
    i feel like this was the first raw In a while they actually took time on. No dance contest BS, everything they did had a purpose. Lets see we had Jericho vs. punk, del rio vs. rhodes, Rey vs. Daniel Bryan and great ring work from Antonio cesaro. Everyone’s always gonna have something to complain about with raw. As a “wrestling” fan I can’t complain.

  18. Neumanrko9 says:

    I usually don’t bash the WWE but jesus christ how many times are we gonna see Orton vs. Barret, like damn switch it up or something!

  19. Raw Is Vegeta says:

    Anybody notice brad maddox doing a bit of banes voice.


    Justice awaits you…. Baastmaan.

  20. Raw Is Vegeta says:

    Pretty crap raw i watched it two hours into recording fast forwarded a lot of it.

    Not the best. Nothing really interesting besides Lesnar attacking miz & jericho vs punk and maddox doing banes voice.

  21. Raw Is Vegeta says:

    Del Rio and Miz are terrible at the moment.

    Just not suitable face’s.

  22. haywood jablowme says:

    I actually enjoyed watching maddox. Im curious as to where they go with him

  23. timothy says:

    This did not mention it so I don’t know if it got to TV. Elimination Chamber will have Cena, Sheamus, and Ryback vs the Shield in a six man tag. Also the match after Raw for us ATL fans was Cena and Ryback defeating CM Punk and Ziggler in what was a good 20+ minute match.

  24. KRKO says:

    What a great showing from the WWE Champion on Raw last night! Oh wait…

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