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Daily Discussion: Which MMA star would like to see in wrestling?

Today’s topic: Which active MMA fighter would you most like to cross over into professional wrestling?

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17 Responses

  1. Jess says:

    Anderson silva or Forrest griffin

  2. ironFNmaiden says:

    Chuck Liddell

  3. Sinnful says:

    Ronda Rousey

  4. Shane says:

    Rampage Jackson, Chael Sonnen

  5. Sean Banner says:

    Chael Sonnen (Great promos) Frank Mir (Automatic program with Brock Lesnar) or Alistair Overeem (6’5″, 265 at weigh-in. Imagine what that beast walks around at. Put him in a ring vs. Anyone.

  6. RWM says:

    Ronda Rousey so long as she refrains from breaking any more arms.

  7. gerry says:

    Dave bautista!!

  8. ManWhale says:

    ADURKA your right MMA is trash

  9. Josh says:

    Chael Sonnen!

  10. MattR says:

    Lyoto Machida, Chael Sonnen, and Rampage Jackson

  11. Alex says:

    Chael Sonnen, Ronda Rousey, and Cain Velasquez

  12. Meh says:

    Michael Bisping

  13. Chewie215 says:

    Y disrespect mma fighters with,this? Now pro wrestlerd in,mma is,better

  14. Shane says:

    Dude, I’m not gonna write a novel to educate a troll. If you think there’s nothing in common between pro wrestling and mma, read up on Josh Barnett, Brock Lesnar, Don Frye, Kazushi Sakuraba, Ken Shamrock, Dan Severn, and any other of the HUNDREDS of fighters who have crossed over into wrestling or vice versa. Ask them how similar they are. Or which one takes more of a toll on your body over time. Or maybe ask Dana White exactly how much he’s stolen from the WWE and wrestling in general when it comes to promotion and match making.

  15. Raw Is Vegeta says:

    Boxing is a real sport. MMA is a bloodsport.

    Just adding crap i seen before don’t really care if anyone replies. 😛

  16. Raw Is Vegeta says:

    Wrestling is fake. Glorified weekly stuntmen.

    If they eventually wrestle and stop with skits and long promos to strech out their overly long tv show RAW.

    Tensai in drag, khali & hornswoggle.

    Looney Tunes had more balls than WWE’s current product.

  17. Raw Is Vegeta says:

    They had a wabbit getting shot thats some ec dub sh** right there.


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