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Video: Bret Hart says Triple H not in the “top 1000”

Arda Ocal via Twitter:

Bret Hart more on HHH – says he’s not in the “Top 1000” and explains why WM 28 vs Taker was a “4 at best”

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  1. motorhead says:

    i actually agree with bret on wm 28. The match was long, yes, so it had enough time, but the whole cinematic thing with hhh trying to get shawn to stop it and taker saying Don’t stop it really took away from the match. If they wanna do movies fine, but leave the wrestling ring for wrestling. The match felt more like a play rather than a match. And the lack of blood really hurt the match. Blood can be as crucial as the finish when done right. Hhh is, imho, one of the best wwfe wrestlers of all-time. Wm 18, 19, 20, RR 2000, the feud with hbk; he had his time. Time just caught up with him. He didn’t lose The Game, he just ran out of time.

  2. Tim says:

    I agree with Bret about the WM28 match. And it is his opinion so nobody should fault him for it. Now the top 1000 thing is a little far fetched, IMO. I’m not a huge HHH fan and believe he would’ve never gotten such a huge push without his connections. (IE: Stephanie, HBK, and Vince) But in the same sense, maybe not in the top 100 for me.

  3. Motorhead says:

    In re-listening to this video I think Bret actually brings up a good point: Vince IS a genius promoter, no doubt, but who can fill his shoes? Vince Sr. was genius too, but Junior was just a bit more innovative and creative. Who can do that now? IMHO, when vince dies or steps down HHH and Steph will fail within a decade, and if Shane doesn’t come back in to try an d save the ship, it’s over. Remember, there is an old-time saying about family businesses of all kind: In short, First generation builds it (Vince Sr.), second generation grows/sustains the business (Junior), and third generation destroys/sells/kills the business. Seven, eight times out of ten the saying has been proven true. Only time will tell about wwe.

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