This Day In Wrestling History – February 2nd‏

Feb 2, 2013 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Title Changes

1976 – Sue Green defeats The Fabulous Moolah to win the NWA Womens Title. Current WWE Title Histories do not recognize this change

1979 – The Spoiler & Mark Lewin defeat The Von Erichs (David & Kevin) to win the WCCW American Tag Team Titles

1987 – The Dingo Warrior defeats Bob Bradley to win the WCCW Texas Heavyweight Title

1989 – Jumbo Tsuruta & Yoshiaki Yatsu defeat Terry Gordy & Stan Hansen to win the AJPW Unified World Tag Team Titles

1997 – Silver King & Dr Wagner Jr defeat Ultimo Dragon & Dos Caras in the final of a tournament to win the vacant CMLL Tag Team Titles

2002 – Rocky Reynolds defeats Jason Rumble to win the NWA Junior Heavyweight Title

2005 – Buchanan & Rico defeat Mitsuya Nagai & Masayuki Naruse to win the AJPW All Asia Tag Team Titles


Happy birthday to former WWE, TNA and ROH wrestler Teddy Hart (33), one-time IWGP Tag Team Champion Osamu Kido (63) and former IWGP and AJPW Heavyweight Champion Genichiro Tenryu (63)

In Memoriam

On this day in 1986, the wrestling world lost 3-time NWA American Heavyweight Champion Gino Hernandez aged just 28. Hernandez began his career in The Sheik’s Big Time Wrestling, where his pretty boy looks soon got him over with the fans. He won his first championship in 1977, defeating Don Kent for the Detroit version of the NWA United States Title. By the late 70’s, he considered the Von Erich’s WCCW promotion his home and became a regular feature in their upper card. Whilst in Texas, he gained fame for inventing the ‘barber’ persona that Ed Leslie would later popularize in the WWF. He also won a total of 6 Texas Heavyweight Titles, alongside a plethora of other championships. On January 31, 1986, Hernandez no-showed a WCCW show, something which was completely out of character for him. He then missed the next day’s arena show, raising concerns for his well being. On February 4th, WCCW officials and law enforcement officers broke into Hernandez’s home and found him dead of a colossal overdose (some sources say that he had three times the fatal amount of cocaine in his system). Several tributes were paid to Hernandez over the coming years, most notably from Gary Hart on the WCCW DVD.

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