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Daily Discussion: Today’s best wrestling referee

Today’s topic: Who is the best wrestling referee today?

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22 Responses

  1. Prince Dann says:

    Taryn Terrel, obviously.

  2. Steve says:

    Charles Robinson and maybe Rick Knox in PWG.

  3. Chris Wiliiams says:

    The Hebners…there have been none better since Pee Wee Anderson, in my opinion…

  4. B-Radimus says:

    Bryce Remsbergggggg.

  5. Boogeyman says:

    PR! Patrick Robinson!!!!!

  6. Sinnful says:

    Taryn Terrell

  7. Mr. Black says:

    Todd Sinclair

  8. Joe says:

    Rick Knox in PWG or Charles Robinson (WWE)

  9. david r. says:

    True, wouldn’t want to see Earl Hebner in that uniform lol. But seriously, Mike Chioda or Charles Robinson.

  10. MC Live says:

    Chioda, Robinson, or Sinclair

  11. Jess says:

    Robinson or if u go back either teddy long or tim white

  12. loo s says:

    Judge Mills Lane….and Richard Steele

  13. Josh Dionio says:

    @Chris Williams, I agree and toss a couple other names out there: Nick Patrick and the late Mark Curtis.

  14. CripplerChris says:

    Nick Patrick, Brad Maddox or Mark Slick Johnson

  15. Nitro says:

    Nick Patrick, Charles Robinson, Taryn Terrell, Brad Maddox, and Slick Johnson.

  16. James T. says:

    First me… LOL cause I am an indy referee. The Hebners & Charles Robinson & Taryn Terrell & Rudy Charles & Shark Boy

  17. Mike says:

    Still Earl Hebner.

  18. ItalianoFBI says:

    AJ Lee

  19. Neumanrko9 says:

    Mike Chioda, he always refs the big time matches

  20. Thomas says:

    Tim White….he died for us many times over

  21. Joan B. in S. C. says:

    When Taryn Terrell first got to TNA, she was doing a great job as being a referee. Now, it seems they don’t have her as serious about the job.

  22. Bruce Hart says:

    Todd Sinclair. To bad he’s working in such a terrible company. Though the same can be said for Kevin Steen.

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