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Feb 1, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Dark Match: Natalya b. Charlotte with the Sharpshooter.

Episode 1; Airing February 13th

* Axl Keegan vs. Mike Dalton is about to begin when suddenly Paige enters the ring and goes after Summer Rae, who ends up running to the back. Paige says she wants Summer to come back out to settle their score from a few weeks ago. NXT Commissioner Dusty Rhodes comes out on stage and tells Paige to leave the ring, which she declines. Summer comes back out and trash talks Paige, causing Paige to head up the ramp and start a fight. Referees break it up and Dusty says they’ll settle it later.

* Corey Graves b. Alex Riley with the 13th Step.

* Summer Rae b. Paige. After the match, referees had to help Paige to the back.

* NXT Commissioner Dusty Rhodes came out and talked about the NXT Tag Team Championship tournament and what it means to be a champion. The finals are happening next.

* Adrian Neville and Oliver Grey b. The Wyatt Family in the finals of the NXT Tag Team Championship tournament to be crowned the first-ever champions when Neville hit a corkscrew from the top rope. After the match, Grey and Neville celebrate the victory. Grey cracks an “Adrian, we did it” joke. NXT Commissioner Dusty Rhodes congratulates them on the win to close the show.

Off-Air: Damien Sandow comes out and is once again searching for an apprentice. Sandow argues with several members of the audience until NXT Commissioner Dusty Rhodes comes out. Sandow reminds Dusty that his best friend is his own son. Dusty invites Sandow to come back during the next tapings set for February 21st to face Randy Orton. Sandow says it’s unfair and Dusty says too bad.

Episode 2; Airing February 20th

* Bray Wyatt w/Erick Rowan and Luke Harper b. Yoshi Tatsu in a squash match. After the match, Bray ordered Harper and Rowan to get into the ring. Bray introduced a video package showing The Wyatt Family losing in the finals of the NXT Tag Team Championship tournament. Bray scolded both Harper and Rowan for losing the match, mostly Harper.

* Xavier Woods b. El Local

* Audrey Marie b. Sasha Banks

* Tony Dawson enters the ring and introduces Tyson Kidd to a thunderous welcome. Dawson brings up Kidd’s injuries and surgeries and Tyson talks about asking WWE management to continue to compete the next night. Tyson addresses the rumors of how long he’ll be out of action and says rest assured he will be back. Leo Kruger comes out and says Tyson is vulnerable. Kruger approaches the ring and Justin Gabriel makes the save.

* NXT Champion Big E Langston vs. “The Ascension” Conor O’Brian ends in a no contest. After the match, Corey Graves attacked Langston from behind and snatched the NXT Title to close the show.

Episode 3; Airing February 27th

* Justin Gabriel w/Tyson Kidd b. Leo Kruger with the 450 splash. After the match, Kruger attacks Gabriel from behind and leaves as Kidd goes to check on him.

* Aksana b. Emma with a spinebuster.

* Backstage, Bo Dallas is shown to have been attacked and is non-responsive. It is revealed by Renee Young that Bo was scheduled to compete in a #1 contender’s match for the NXT Championship before the assault.

* Corey Graves vs. “The Ascension” Conor O’Brian in a #1 contender’s match ends in a no contest when The Shield came out and took out both men. After the match, The Shield talked about their recent actions and teased they aren’t done with NXT quite yet to close the show.

Off-Air: Byron Saxton introduces Ricardo Rodriguez, who in turn introduces World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio thanks the fans for their constant support and WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro interrupts. Cesaro and Del Rio exchange words and NXT COmmissioner Dusty Rhodes comes out and tells Cesaro he will face NXT Champion Big E Langston next.

Dark Match: NXT Champion Big E Langston b. WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro via disqualification when Conor O’Brian and Corey Graves attack Langston. After the match, Graves and O’Brian continue their attack and eventually Big E comes back and sometime later hits the Big Ending on them both. Langston kept hitting Big Endings as Graves kept getting up and in between he celebrated with fans at ringside.

Source: http://ringsidexcess.com/2013/01/31/spoilers-wwe-nxt-taping-results-for-2-13-2-20-and-2-27/

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