Julie Hart talks Owen Hart’s death, Vince McMahon, Harley Race, and more

Feb 1, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

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In a follow up from our interview with Julie Hart on December 8th,
2012, KayfabeKickout.com spoke with Julie on the January 8th, 2013
editon of Kayfabe Kickout Audio. Here are some highlights.

Julie’s thoughts on where she was and what was running through her
mind when she heard the news of Owen Hart’s death in 1999.

“My boys and I just came back from Ottawa, we were just pulling up to
the drive way and my sister called and she said, Julie something
happened to Owen, I dont know what’s going on. I said what, we are
really just pulling up our drive way and we
got back to the hit man memorial cup in Ottawa, Bret flew to
California I think it was, but anyway the boys and I came back home so
then I ran into the house called up Stu’s and I could tell it was not
good because I could hear crying in the background
and Helen was too upset to come to the phone and stuff; so it was like
being in a dream. Yeah, thats the best way to describe it; it was like
being in a dream, when am I going to wake up. It was a horrible hit
for the family.”

Julie’s tells a very interesting story involving Harley Race.

“We had a dinner party when the WWE were in town a few years ago 90s,
and Harley came for dinner, because Harley and Tom were best friends
right. So anyway we ran out of ice and Harley drove my sister Michelle
and I to the store and it was winter and Michelle had a bronco and it
was really icy or something Harley just slapped into 4-wheel drive and
he was like, I’m going to show you how to drive. Oh my God, what a
ride, it was the scariest 5 minutes of my life. We lived 5 minutes
away but anyway we ran in got the ice, came back the ice was inside
those ice coolers. So we get back in the house the ice seemed like one
big block. I swear to
God Harley goes like, give me that big sweet, he grabs the bag and he
punches it and it shatters. Harley just smashed the whole bag of ice
with this little punch. And he goes; nobody likes to shake Harley hand
because he’s got the strongest tendons ever known to anyone. He could
break your hand with just his hand. Everyone always shook his hand
really gently and not the whole hand.”

Julie’s thoughts on the first time she met Vince McMahon and her
thoughts on Vince in general.

“I was intimidated. I saw this man dressed up in a very expensive suit
with combat suede shoes on. I thought thats kind of weird and then I
asked Bret about it, why is he wearing running shoes [Laughter] and he
goes, so that he could go back and
forth. He was commentating, and running back to the dressing rooms
and dealing with office stuff. It was almost like his little
signature, but I think he … Is brilliant, I dont think there is a
person on the planet who doesnt know that Vince changed the face of
wrestling forever. And he did a pretty damn good job. I don’t know
Vince McMahon from a fans perspective, I know Vince McMahon as a
person that gave us what he did. Our family did well because of Vince
McMahon, my kids had everything, I got to travel because of Vince

“I was one of the first wives to actually be able to go overseas with
the boys, it’s unheard of in those days, because they didn’t want the
wives… the boys couldnt be themselves, wives seating on the bus, My
first trip out was to Japan and I remember Bret saying that this is
unheard of, and it’s so nice of Vince to let you tag along and I was
like yeah, so I saw him at the airport in L.A because we were all
flying out from L.A, there he was in his 3-piece suit and his running
shoes [Laughter] I went up to him and I said Vince, thank you, I am so
grateful, thank you; but I didn’t look him in the eye, I kept looking
away because he really is, I think at how people look at Hulk Hogan,
oh my God, he is bigger than life and the whole thing you get really
intimidated at that. I was intimidated by him because of his power,
and even though he was just a nice guy. I see Vince differently than
the rest of the fans see him.”

You can check out the audio episode, it its entirety here.


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