Sylvester Stallone: ‘Hulk Hogan Really Beat Me Up In Rocky III’

Jan 31, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Sylvester Stallone: ‘Hulk Hogan Really Beat Me Up In Rocky Iii’

Sylvester Stallone still shudders at the
memory of receiving a beat down from wrestling icon Hulk Hogan in Rocky Iii – because his co-star didn’t realise he had to fake his punches.

Stallone admits no one has hit him harder than Hogan, real name Terry Bollea, did as they filming the 1982 boxing movie – and one scene left the actor a shattered mess cowering in the corner of a boxing ring.

He tells Vh1’s Big Morning Buzz Live Tv show, “He killed me. He beat me up badly… He didn’t get that he’s supposed to pull his punches (back)… and we took four or five (guys) right into the ambulance right to the hospital with broken collarbones and this and that.

“The hardest I was ever hit was by him… I (still) have visions of it… I’m in the corner and Rocky’s been stunned… I’m laying there… and I see this guy running… and he comes down and hits me and I’m laying on the ground saying, ‘Don’t shove me, don’t roll me over… I know there’s a bone sticking up here with a vein… and part of my heart.’ Oh my God. I said, ‘I know I’m shattered’.”

Hogan recently apologised for hurting Stallone in the film when he appeared on the Vh1 show, but the movie star insists that’s not enough.

He joked, “How about my turn? I get a stepladder…”

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