Interview with NWA Women’s World Champion Kacee Carlisle‏

Jan 31, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck had the pleasure to speak with NWA World Women’s Champion Kacee Carlisle on various aspects of professional wrestling, and here are some highlights.

Her thoughts on becoming the NWA Women’s World Champion,

“Winning the NWA Women’s World Title is currently the highlight of my career. For my name to be listed among the women who have held the title in the past is an extremely humbling experience, and one that does and forever will hold a special place in my heart, regardless of what else I may accomplish in my career. I feel very fortunate to have the accomplishments I do at this point in time. I’m always striving to better myself, and I’m always looking to grow, so who knows where my career path may lead and what future accomplishments may be waiting.”

On which past or present female wrestler she would have loved to step in the ring with,

“I would have loved the opportunity to work with Sherri Martel. I’ve been told over the years that I remind people of her in several ways, which is a huge compliment to me. I would have loved the chance to be in the ring with her, it would have been a thrill. Sadly, of course, it will never happen. I must say though that I’d also love the chance to be in the ring with Leilani as well. I think our styles are alike in ways, too. Of course the fact that both of these ladies were influences on me as a child makes both scenarios that much more special to me.”

Her thoughts on if North American Female Wrestlers can learn from Japanese Female Wrestlers,

“Of course! There is always something to learn. Always. The beautiful thing about knowledge is that there is no limit on how much you can learn and grow. I can’t think of anything bad or negative that would come from wrestlers in North America being exposed to different styles, whether it’s from Japan, Mexico, Europe or elsewhere. I believe the moment you put a cap on your learning, and you decide that you are content with what you know, you are putting the last nail in your own coffin. As fast and as much as wrestling changes and goes through phases, as many people as there are to wrestle and as many styles of wrestling as there are, there will forever be something you don’t know. I’m a perfect example. Honestly I’m not all that familiar with Japanese wrestling. My only exposure to it when I was young was what I saw in PWI which was a little here and there. But I’m currently in the process of trying to educate myself about it, about the wrestlers in Japan, and study and learn from it as much as I can. Again–there is always something new to learn.”

You can read the interview in it’s entirety here….

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