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Goldust comments on his WWE return at the Rumble

Goldust posted the following on line regarding this Royal Rumble experience:

Man what a night! A lot of people ask me daily on twitter if i still get nervous before i go out of that curtain. Yes most def i still do and especially at the rumble when it was my turn to go out! Since i have been off of tv for some time i had no idea what kind of reaction i would get. You bet your ass i was nervous! Lol, my stomach was in knots! Asking myself how is goldie going to be received? Had no clue that the #8 entry in the royal rumble 2013 would be what it was!

First let me say to the world ty from my heart for the chilling, shocking to me, response i got sunday night. Ty so much. Damn!!!! As i am waiting my turn and the countdown has started 10,9,8, and my stomach was doing flips, and got down to 1 and my music hit and…… The wwe universe let me know right away that goldust will always be remembered as i received one of the most deffening pops that i have gotten in th 25 yrs in the biz! Holy hell what a road warrior pop! As i walked out of the entrance, all nervousness went away as it always does, and i stood there in all honesty feeling i was on the top of the world because of y’all, the fans, team goldie!

The rr2013 is now the greatest moment i have had in the biz to date since wm12 with piper! To stand there and take off my wig and robe and charge cody and trade punches with my brother center stage cannot be topped! It most def was a wm moment for me!

My brother is the future of this biz as are many others but i want cody to succeed more than anybody else. The rhodes family has some serious wrestling jedi shit flowing through our veins. I know dad was at home marking out as much as cody and i were and the rest of the world with giant smiles on their faces. Even the haters were happy lol!

One again i say thank you to wwe and the fans for that experience that is at the top of my list because of y’all letting me know by the pop you gave me! The world still remembers the name of goldust and will never forget it. And although cody won this battle, i dream still of wm with my brother cody rhodes. Dont ever stop believing or dreaming because dreams do come true! You just have to go get them! Get with it and follow me on twitter at dustin_rhodes1 and my booking email is ! Ty for reading and please rt! Goldie

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11 Responses

  1. xyu says:

    I am still a mark for Goldie after all these years. Great to know he still loves to perform for us too :)

  2. havok says:

    goldust & booker vs sandow & rhodes at wm29

  3. Prince Dann says:

    Goldust is great. I will always be a mark for him.

    I’m still hoping for the WM match with Cody!

  4. havok says:

    goldust & booker t vs rhodes & sandow wm29

  5. david r. says:

    If WWE wants a significant buyrate boost, they HAVE to make cody vs goldie at WM29.

  6. Chris James says:

    I don’t know if Cody is ready for the bizarre one. Imagine the promos….

  7. Nolo King says:

    Goldust is one of my all time favorites and also one of the most underrated entertainers out there, lawls!

  8. Meh says:

    Screw Bookdust and CoBro. WWE really should team Santino Marella and Goldust and let them both do their comedy. They would make an excellent comedy tag team.

  9. StunningSteve says:

    Like Mark Calloway did with Undertaker, Dustin managed to turn Goldust into something special. I hope he somehow gets his match with Cody at WrestleMania. If not I hope they smarten up and let them do their thing on Raw. Who knows, everyoe said Ultimo Dragon would never fulfill his dream and wrestle at WrestleMania but it happened.

  10. Adam says:

    Wwe needs to know by now that this match would be great at wm. if anything, i’m sure trips heard the pop when those two started swinging.

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