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Dixie Carter to make major announcement on Impact

Dixie Carter via Facebook:

I will be making a major announcement on IMPACT tomorrow (8/7c) This will change everything for our wrestlers, company, & YOU our audience!

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20 Responses

  1. Rory says:

    Oh no!

  2. carl says:

    Gee another gut check?

  3. MoneyInTheBank187 says:

    Three hours of Impact.

  4. cool arrow says:

    If it’s anything other than totally dropping the Aces & Eights angle, I don’t care.

  5. Tommy says:

    Paul Heyman is finally coming ^^

  6. echo says:

    I assume it has to do with the new PPV schedule.

  7. -KRKO- says:

    How many times has Dixie said this?

  8. bravest PAPAyA says:

    They’re closing their doors forever?

  9. Jamie says:

    Much as I am a fan of TNA, I’ve heard this too many times to care

  10. ManWhale says:

    Yes papaya that’s what it is god stupid mark

  11. sicbink says:

    The long-awaited debut of The Red Rooster?!

  12. Mike says:

    Taking Impact on the road

  13. syephan says:

    Tna finally makein sandwichs its going be delicious

  14. GrimReaper says:

    please Gods of wrestling.. please be Russo as GM!

  15. loo s says:

    The announcement is that hogan is having a “Daughters Best Leg” contest…TNA wrestlers bring their daughters and Hogan judges who has the best legs….

  16. Travis says:

    Vince is buying tna lol

  17. Boogeyman says:

    Which old has been is coming back?!?

  18. snoopy says:

    I mean a big a announcement people claim not to care it sure is getting alot of responses around the IWC.

  19. bravest PAPAyA says:

    Apparently you don’t know sarcasm. They theoretically announced the end of WCW a week before it closed. They kept announcing that the next week would be the season finale on the Nitro before it closed.

    I “know” it won’t be that. Ignorant dipsh*t.

  20. -J- says:

    big announcement is she is quitting.

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