Dixie Carter talks cutting back on PPVs, taking Impact on the road, and more

Jan 30, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

theamerican.co.uk posted an interview with TNA president Dixie Carter. Here are a few excerpts:

– On TNA’s British Boot Camp: “British Boot Camp was a tremendous success, I’m so proud of what’s happened there. I think the UK has been so great in supporting us and the British fans. I want to help build back British wrestling; there are so many great, talented people over here and we’ve got some exciting ideas.”

– Cutting down on PPVs in 2013: “To cut down the PPVs was a difficult decision because you’re giving away millions of dollars to both your top line as well as the profit line on the balance sheet. We do have success in that. It’s always been the traditional way of doing wrestling but I feel we’re in a place right now where we have to shake things up and we need to look at things differently.

It is a big financial risk on our part to do without it but I feel like it will make the PPVs we do much more special and I really feel it will make television mean more. We’ll have an opportunity to let programmes breathe, give away more PPV-quality matches on television, and then when we do have a PPV I know everyone of my guys are going to be fighting to be on that card and it will just be interesting to see how that plays out. ”

– Take Impact on the road more: “That is the goal starting this year. We’re close to making a big announcement, another one besides the PPVs, which I think will have a great impact on the show, pun intended. Taking the show on the road is the natural next step for us. It’s expensive touring and it’s not that I haven’t wanted to be on the road but it’s a business decision just like losing the PPVs. I’m not going to put this company in any financial trouble, so everything we have done has been very conscious, people were saying we weren’t going to stay in business for ten weeks and here we are going into our 11th year and having more success than ever and that’s because we make good business decisions.”

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