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Mr. McMahon suffers injury sources indicate that Mr. McMahon suffered a broken pelvis as the result of Brock Lesnar’s surprise attack at the conclusion of Monday night’s Raw.

After revealing some damning evidence that exhibited Paul Heyman’s connection to both Brad Maddox and The Shield, the WWE Chairman had made up his mind to fire Heyman in front of the entire WWE Universe. But just as Mr. McMahon was about to send Heyman packing with two notorious words, Brock’s music reverberated throughout the arena and the hulking behemoth laid out Mr. McMahon with a crushing F-5, which appears to have inflicted serious injury on the WWE Chairman.

It remains to be seen why Brock has returned to WWE after a five-month absence to target Mr. McMahon or what role, if any, Heyman had in such a vicious assault.

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  1. aag44 says:

    What, no anal bleeding??

  2. motorhead says:

    broken pelvis? HELP! I’VE FALLEN AND I CAN’T GET UP! It IS true: no one CAN tell you’re wearing a medical alert device. Seriously though, they should try waiting a day or two, like other pro sports, in identifying an injury. Would add some suspense to the angle. Looked to me like vinnie had soiled his billion-dollar breifs with a billion-dollar cow pie.

  3. Agent Cooper says:

    I wish these worked injuries weren’t reported here as actual news.

  4. blah says:

    Personally, I find it *kayfabe* unrealistic that someone like Paul Heyman would be under a WWE contract. Technically, shouldn’t he be employed directly by CM Punk as his personal manager? Why would the WWE kayfabe have someone like Heyman on a contract? His character doesn’t do anything for the WWE, only CM Punk. I wish the WWE wouldn’t do these silly “you’re fired” angles so often.

  5. Steve says:

    Serves him right for allowing the atrocity known as Royal Rumble 2013 to take place.

  6. Scott says:


    Seriously, Cena vs Rock 2 at Mania must be the most telegraphed main event in history.

  7. jim says:

    Punk wont n eed heyman oce he is running the shield

  8. Todd says:

    cue HHH returns…..and we officially have….


    WWE Championship
    The Rock (c) vs John Cena

    Brock Lesnar vs Triple H

    Signs point to Undertaker vs CM Punk

    Sheamus vs Randy Orton

    Dolph Ziggler vs Chris Jericho

    REALLY VINCE?????????

  9. cas says:

    its all about the money. you find me a bigger draw from rock/cena for a title… don’t worry i’ll wait. predictable yes, but who cares we are still watching it. lesnar/trips boring but a great special attraction match. a lot can shake up in 60 days. punk runnig a faction is the best punk. the idea that the shield threatens the taker’s streak is good for business if they go that route. heyman benifits lesnar as far as mic work. y2j/zig match of the year for sure. money made vince…money made

  10. Raft says:

    @jim, I havent thought about him running Shield. I kinda hope that’s not what happens.
    Now is the time to let Punk really try to shine on his own. Just seems like between SES, New Nexus and then with Paul, it’s time for Punk to be a solo act. Not that any of the groupings weren’t awesome.

  11. Science & Violence says:

    Too bad it’s not real.

  12. -J- says:

    let lesnar loose on the bookers and writers next, they all deserve an F5.

  13. NOOOOO! No more Genetic Jackhammer? :(

  14. cool arrow says:

    What’s so terrible about being “predictable?” Predictable to me means logical. Vince Russo’s booking is unpredictable, and do you know why? Because it makes no sense.

  15. Elliott says:

    So does this mean Vini Mac will be comming out on a mortised scooter not saying people power lol

  16. The Sheild says:

    He’ll be wheeled to the ring by Luther Reigns. Brock should of attacked Rock at RR & cost him the belts. U could set up for Brock vs Rock,which makes sense as Heyman could of brought him back to help. Besides Brock vs Rock is a true attraction match because ur not using it to put anyone over. As much as it been done u could of had Cena face at Mania, but finally beat Punk after 2 years & have the feel good moment.

  17. StunningSteve says:

    I agree with you Blah, it makes no sense. That’s the WWE for you. I watched how much Brock protected him and there is no way he has a legit broken pelvis just in case anyone here was thinking this might actually be anything but a work. It wasn’t Kane giving Linda a tombstone bad but it wasn’t great.

  18. Scott says:

    cool arrow, you can be unpredictable, AND logical. You just have to book smart.

  19. Whatthewhowhat says:

    Joseph Park lol

    Gotta keep it Kayfab

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