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1/28 WWE Raw Recap

Tonight is Is Raw Roulette.  Vicki starts it off with a spin of the wheel.  It comes down to her being the special guest referee.

We start it off with CM Punk’s Music………….

Out comes Punk to tell the world about the Phoenix Screw job.  He tells us that tonight should be the 435th day of his Title reign.  Out comes Vince to tell Punk that tonight he will pay for what he did with the Shield.  He also tell Paul Heyman that tonight he will give him a performance review that if he fails he could be terminated!

In ring action………

Randy Orton vs US Champion Antonio Cesaro

Non-Title Match

After they come out we get our special guest referee……………….The Miz

Orton and Antonio have had some good moments together lately.  Antonio is not happy with the Miz in the Ring tonight.  Pretty basic match with Antonio controlling the match from the beginning to the end with all kinds of power moves.  He is a suplex machine.  Randy turns it around with a powerslam followed by a back breaker and tries to set up the 2nd rope DDT.  Antonio turns it back but when he is ready to end it The Miz grabs him and hold him back, which lets Randy hit the RKO.


Winner-Randy Orton

After the Match the Miz goes to help Antonio up but when he gets him up he hits the skull crushing finale.


Back to the Roulette Wheel we see it turning and it lands on Make me Laugh.  The camera pans back and it is Ryback.  Vicki laughs and tells him to go out there and make her laugh.  He heads to the ring.


Back from break we are in the ring with Ryback and the Prime Time Players.  This is the make me laugh challenge.  Which ever group make them laugh more wins.  The Prime Time Players are up first.

Their joke is about Stryker asking a girl out and her telling him that ain’t nobody got time for that!!  They laugh, but nobody else does.

Ryback is next.  Hes joke is “What has four eyes, 20 fingers and is about to be unconscious?  He then attacks the Prime Time Players.  Funny.


Ryback then attacks Matt Stryker with a Shell Shock!!

We now get a video package of 2013 WWE Hall of Fame Inductee Bob Backland.  We will get to see the 3rd inductee later tonight.

back from break we see Vicki  spinning the wheel and it lands on pick your opponent.  She says Wade Barrett can pick his opponent tonight.

Wade is on the mic and he smiles and says he wants to wrestle the long haired piece of crap Bo Dallas who eliminated Barrett Last night.  He says last night was the best night in the life of Bo Dallas.  So tonight Wade is going to end his career.


Wade Barrett vs Bo Dallas


Bo comes out and goes right at Wade.  Hitting back to back arm drags.  He is trying to get the crowd behind him, but I’m still not sure if they know who he is. Wade quickly begins to gain control.  He is starting to beat the hell out of him.  WIth stiff kick after stiff punch after stiff slam.  Barrett sets him up for the Bull Hammer but just as he swings it Bo catches him  and turns it into a belly to belly suplex for the win!!!

Winner-Bo Dallas

We go back to the Roulette wheel and we see it spinning with different superstars names.  It lands on John Cena.  We see that it is Cody Rhodes that spun the wheel.  Cody has an odd look on his face.

Cody Rhodes vs John Cena

They start this off tying it up and going at each other.  The Boo Birds are out for Cena.  Cody had a great night last night in the Rumble.  But not as good as Cena who won it.  Cena hits a fisherman’s suplex on Cody.  Cody jumps out of the ring and grabs a mic.  He says this is a waste of Cody Rhodes,  He’s Leaving.  As he is walking up the ramp Cena runs and grabs him and brings him back in the ring to finish him off with the AA.


Winner -John Cena

After the match Cena gets on the mic to a chorus of Boos.  He says that by the sounds of it most of you did not pick me to win the Rumble.  He says 29 guys could come out here and give excuses as to why they lost the Rumble.  He is the only man who won last night.  He says now he needs to decide who he will challenge for the Title at WrestleMania.  At WrestleMania the champ will either be CM Punk or The Rock.  Punk has beat him the last 6 times they have faced each other.  And he can not find a way to beat him.  And the Rock.  The Man who stole his moment last year at WrestleMania.  Cena says he is going to chose right here right now.  Either the WWE Champion or the World Heavyweight Champion.  His choice is…………………The WWE CHAMPION!!!!  Cena says Punk and Rock are marked men….hit the Shield’s Music.  They are heading to the ring to attack Cena.  They have surrounded the ring and they attack Cena.  He is being beat down.  Out comes Sheamus to help.  He hits the ring and they attack him.  The Shield still have the upper hand.  Out comes Ryback.  He gets the upper hand but the Shield quickly gain it back.  Sheamus, Cena, and Ryback out laid out with the Shield standing tall.  The Shield jump back into the crowd and walk out.

Back from break and we see the Roulette Wheel spinning again.  It lands on Lingere PIllow fight.  It is Tensai and Brodus Clay.  Tensai is upset and walks out.  Vicki says with Vince here she is not allowing that.  So she tells Brodus to spin again.  It comes up Dance Off.  Brodus tells Vicki he will tell Tensai about the change.  Wink, Wink.

Dance Off

Brodious Clay vs Tensai

Jerry Lawler is about to get it started and Tensai interrupts him and says lets get it over with.  He takes his robe off and reveals his Lingere!  Lawler tells him it’s a dance off!!  Brodus forgot to tell him.  Tensai is livid!!!  Brodus dances first and does his normal dance.  Tensai is next.  Brodus tells him to just let go.  Lawler says what Happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.  Tensai then breaks it down and goes off.  Great dancing.  In the back we see Ron Simmons watching this on a TV.  He says his classic DAMN!!!

In the back The Roulette Wheel is spun again.  It is World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio and it lands on Body Slam Challenge.  Vicki laughs and says good luck Body Slamming Big Show.

Body Slam Challenge

Alberto comes out first followed by the Big Show.  But just as they get in the ring Big Show attacks Alberto and lands the Knock out punch.  Show then pulls out a roll of duct tape and tapes Alberto to the ropes.  Richardo is doing everything he can to save Alberto but Show then just beats him down.  He is not here to beat up Alberto, he wants Alberto to watch him beat up his best friend.  He is undressed Richardo down to just his pants.  He is really destroying him.  Alberto can only watch in horror.  Show then turns his anger towards Alberto.  He spends about 10 minutes beating the hell out of both men. Bad.

Back from break

Lumber Jills Match

Diva’s Champion Kaytlyn vs Tamina

The Divas are around the ring dressed as Las Vegas Show girls.  They look thrilled.  Quick match with all the Divas getting into a cat fight.

No Contest

Back From Break we get what everyone came for……….

Your New WWE Champion…………….THE ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Rock comes out carrying the strap in his right hand.  He basks in it and then grabs a mic.  He says there is only one word that can describe the spirit of tonight.  Finally!!!!  The place is going crazy.  He says there is no accolade on this earth that is more deeply engrained in him than this WWE Championship.  He says tonight is the proudest moment of his career.  He wants to take a moment to thank all of you.  The WWE Universe. Rock is tearing up.  For 434 days CM Punk has come out and ran his mouth.  Punk has said that all the fans were nothing.  He says those days, those crap days are over.  Rock says tonight they are ushering in the People’s Era.  Tonight belongs to the people.  Static……Hit CM Punk’s Music!!  Punk comes out and tells the crowd to shut up.  He tells Rock he is embarrassing himself and Punk.  He says he did not win that, he was handed it just like everything else in his spoonfed life.  He says if he was man he would realize that the belt is prestigious because Punk made it that way.  He says if he was a man and had any respect from his 3rd generation blood and had any respect for his father, his grandfather he would walk down this aisle and he would give Punk his title back and apologize to Punk for tarnishing what Punk made so great.  Rock says is Punk had an ounce of manhood and Nuts between his legs he would walk down that aisle and come and take it.  Rock says he has two choices, come in the ring and face him like a man or stand on that stage and be a punk ass bitch.  Punk begins to walk to the ring and stops.  He then slowly begins to step back and tells Rock and the crowd he is going to stand on the ramp like a punk ass bitch because it’s cool to swear.  He is going to stand on the ramp like a punk ass bitch because he is not going to do things on Rock’s terms he does things when he wants to.  Punk says he will grant Rock a rematch, how about Friday, or Saturday, or Sunday when Punk wrestles.  But if that does not fit his schedule than how about in there weeks at Elimination Chamber. Punk says that will be Rock’s rematch not his.  Drop the mic.  The Rock accepts and call Punk a punk ass bitch again.

Back from Break we are at the Roulette Wheel again and Damien Sandow is spinning.  It comes up a table match.

Damien Sandow vs Sheamus

Tables Match

Pretty basic match with Sheamus getting out a table first and setting it up.  Sandow then goes under the ring and pulls a table.  He gets it in the ring and begins to work over Sheamus and his hurt shoulder.  The shoulder that the Shield hurt earlier tonight.  Sheamus is hurting pretty bad.  After a few minutes there are tables set up all over the ring.  Sheamus is really hurting but some how gets Sandow in White Noise and drops him on a table in the corner for the win.



Back from break whe have WWE Kareoke

Zack Ryder vs The Great Khali w/Natalya and Hornswaggle

They are going to sing WWE entrance music.  Khali is up first and he gets to sing Shawn Michaels Theme song.  JBL says what did Shawn do to anybody.  He asks did Bret Hart come up with this?  Funny.  Khali starts and it’s terrible.  Out comes 3MB.  The are laughing a saying how bad they are.  3MB jumps Khali and Zack.  Zack and Khali fight back and Hornswaggle gets involved hitting the Tadpole splash on Heath SLater.

In the back we se Y2J walking to the ring!!

Break the Walls Down!!!!!!

Y2J is in the ring and the crowd loves it.  He was so well received last night.  He can’t speak because the chants are too loud.  He says welcome to Raw is Jericho!!!  He says he is so happy to be back.  He says last night was one of the greatest nights of his career.  Out comes Dolph Ziggler and he asks Y2J why he’s here.  He was fired after Dolph beat him 6 months ago.  AJ says she was the GM at the time and Jericho should be gone.  Y2J tells Dolph to take care of his little dog AJ before she Pee Pees all over the ring.  Big E Langston then tells Y2J to leave the ring.  Y2J makes fun of his big pecks.  Dolph keeps saying you don’t even work here anymore.  Leave.  Vicki comes on the screen and says it was her who resigned Y2J.  She then spins the wheel and it comes up strange bed fellows match.  Y2J and Dolph will be partners against Team Hell No

Dolph Ziggler and Y2J vs Team Hell No

Dolph and Kane start it off.  This is a quick one too that is more to do with Team Hell No hating each other again.  Near the end of the match Daniel Bryan is pushed in to Kane. Kane yells at him and asks him what he is doing.  The argue for awhile while Y2J and Dolph look on.  Y2J in the legal man in the ring and Dolph slaps him on the back for a blind tag.  Y2J slaps Kane on the back and jumps out of the ring and up the ramp.  Dolph is pissed he is being left behind and Kan turns around thinking Dolph slapped him.  Kane hits the Choke Slam for the Win.


Winners-WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No

We now get to see the 3rd inductee into the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame

It is none other than Trish Stratus.  So deserving.  She in my opinion was the best WWE Diva of all time.  Beautiful, Bold, and all that is in between.  Congrats Trish.

Back from break and we have The Chairman of the Board Vince

Vince tells Paul Heyman to make his way to the ring.  He tells him to not look for CM Punk because he was escorted from the building about 10 minutes ago.  Heyman gets in the ring and sticks his hand out to shake Vince’s hand.  Vince does and then reaches in his pocket and puts on some hand sanitizer.  Vince asks Paul is he has ever had the Shield or Brad Maddox under contact.  Paul says he wants to thank Vince for letting him come out her and look him in the eye and tell him he has never had either the Shield or Brad Maddox under contract.  Vince asks him if he has ever lied.  Paul says he has lied every day of his life because he is a promoter.  And that’s what promoters do.  They lie to survive tonight simply to get till tomorrow.  Brilliant.  He says he has lied swearing to God, he as swore on his parents.  He says he has lied forever, but he is not lying now.  Vince asks him if he is an honorable man.  Paul says no, but maybe he can learn from Vince.  Vince tells the camera to zoom in on Paul and look at his honorable face.  Vince wants to now show some footage from a few weeks ago.  It is footage of Paul walking in a backroom with Brad Maddox.  He is telling Brad to back off.  He says when him and CM Punk maneuvered him to be the Ref for the match with Ryback they paid him well. And he says when they pay The Shield to do a job he pays them well but they don’t keep coming back for more.  The Shield them walks into the picture behind Brad.  Brad says he will leave, but it is too late.  Paul tells Brad to take this beating like a man. The Shied then beats down Brad Maddox.  Back in the ring Paul is in shock and Vince circles him.  Well? says Vince.  Heyman says that wasn’t me!  That wasn’t me!  He says you know what it’s like to be falsely accused.  Heyman says it was an imposter.  Heyman then stops and closes his eyes.  Paul again says No that was not me.  Vince asks the crowd if Paul deserves to be fired?  The crowd chants yes!!  Vince then says well let me get this out.  You’re………………………HIT BROCK’S MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Brock Lesner is back!  The place blows up and Brock comes to the ring and looks at Vince like he is a dead man.  Paul keeps telling Brock he had this under control.  Brock gets right up in Vince’s face and stares him down.  Vince tells Brock if I were you I wouldn’t do something I would regret later on.  Brock steps back and smirks…………..F5.  Vince is laid out and shaking.  Heyman is screaming “What Did You Do”   What did Brock just do.




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  1. T says:

    Tensai left Japan for this?? Ryback in a comedy match/segment? Who writes this crap? What is worse is WM looks like another once in a lifetime match. And a HHH vs Lesnar rematch.

  2. Scott says:

    No, it’s still a Once In A Lifetime match. Last year was Cena vs Rock but this year it’s Rock vs Cena. They’re 2 completely different matches. *rolls eyes* WWE Creative can’t remember what they did last week never mind what they did last year.

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