Hoodslam tour results The Brian Kendrick, Shelly Martinez, and more

Jan 28, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

To celebrate the release of their latest DVD Oakland, California’s breakout award winning promotion Hoodslam kicked off it’s year with it’s first ever tour, results are below.

Hoodslam Escape to LA
Brian Kendricks School of Wrestling (Aka Pappy Pineda Promotions Dome)
Live Commentary by JCW’s “OG”Kevin Gill and Broseph Joe Brody
Live Music by Blow J Simpson

1. Drugz Bunny (of the James Gang) defeated Otis the Gimp after Hitman subdued the referee, changed clothes with him, and counted the pinfall for his stablemate.
2. RYU appeared to win the LA Invitational Video Game Rumble (outlasting Zangief, Blanka, Eddie Gordo, Akuma, Hitman, Donkey Kong, and Lil Mac), until Super Red Rhino 2099 entered as a surprise last entrant and eliminated him.
3. DARK Sheik w/D. Faust defeated Virgil Flynn III
4. Bat-Shelly Martinez/Super-Amber O’Neal/Sexy Chino/JUICED Lee defeated Joker/Ultra-Catgirl Brittany Wonder/Super Red Rhino 2099/Doc Atrocity
5. Anthony Butabi defeated Johnny Drinko Butabi in a Falls Count Anywhere Spicy Doritos Deathmatch
6. Brian Kendrick defeated El Chupacabra w/Courtney Crimson and Doc Atrocity
7. JUICED Lee defeated James w/The James Gang (Drugz Bunny and Hitman)
8. Main Event: Golden Gig Champions The Stoner Brothers (Scott Rik Stoner and Rik Scott Stoner) successfully defended against Planet Rock (B-Boy and Boombox, w/Soundwave)
– Displayed Labors Sideshow (Chi-Kitty Baker, Courtney Crimson, Twitch, and Kat Sweet) closed out the night with their bizarre freakshow style sideshow presentation.

Hoodslam FTF and Loathing in Las Vegas
Future Stars of Wrestling Arena
Live Commentary by Juggalo Championship Wrestling’s “OG” Kevin Gill and Broseph Joe Brody.
Live Music by Cesars Phallus

1. Sexy Chino and Crash Test Cody defeated The Poppers (Remy Marcell and Mike Da-light w/J-Noise)
2. Otis the Gimp defeated Ultragirl Brittany Wonder
3. Sagat won the LV Video Game Gauntlet by outlasting Hitman, Lil Mac, Akuma, Mega Man, and Zangief
4. Virgil Flynn III defeated DARK Sheik w/D. Faust
5. The James Gang (James, Drugz Bunny, Hitman, and Smacky Chan) defeated The Knights of the Roxbury (Johnny Drinko Butabi, Anthony Butabi, Gorilla Vinny Butabi, and Cousin Balki Butabi)
6. Super Red Rhino 2099 w/Doc Atrocity and El Chupacabra defeated Sagat
7. Golden Gig Champions The Stoner Brothers (Rik Scott Stoner and Scott Rik Stoner) successfully defended in a fourway tag featuring “The Super BFF Connection” (Bat-Shelly Martinez and Super-Amber O Neal), “Silent But Deadly” (Jean Pierre and Charlie Chaplin), and “The Shotokan Dojo” (Ryu and Ken)
– D. Faust heated up the room with a seductively evil 15+ minute burlesque act which received a huge ovation!
8. Main Event: JUICED Lee defeated El Chupacabra w/Doc Atrocity and Courtney Crimson

Hoodslam Returns Home

Friday Night February 1st

Oakland Metro


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