WWE Saturday Morning Slam Results 1/26/13

Jan 27, 2013 - by Atlee Greene

WWE Saturday Morning Slam 1/26/13


Commentary: Daniel Bryan & Josh Matthews (Bryan called himself the Dazzler when yelling at Matthews for calling him goat face, for the entire show)


-The Miz vs. Darren Young w/ Titus O’Neil


Young misses chop in the corner, Miz messes up the afro and takes him down with an arm drag. Miz follows up with a flap jack, hits his running clothesline in the corner and another arm drag. Young pokes Miz in the eyes and shoots him off the ropes but Miz stops and Young goes up and out of the ring via a clothesline attempt. O’Neil blows his whistle and calls for a time out and we go to commercial.


We are back and Miz and Young exchange a series of roll up and pin falls off of a sunset flip by Miz. Young catches Miz off the ropes with a knee to the gut and covers him for a two count. Young hits a belly to back suplex and follows up with an abdominal stretch. Miz fights out, Young knees him in the gut and attempts a suplex but Miz blocks it and hits a vertical suplex of his own.


Young misses a dive in the corner and Miz hits him with a clothesline and a knee lift. O’Neil gets knocked off the apron by Miz and Young lifts Miz up in a fireman carry but Miz escapes and hits the skull crushing finale for the 1-2-3.


Winner: The Miz


-Don’t Try This at Home, School or Anywhere PSA from the Miz


-Saturday Morning Spotlight – Kofi Kingston: A quick video package of Kingston with some of his best moves and quotes such as “Sometimes, a wildcat has to show its teeth.”


-Kofi Kingston vs. Epico w/Primo


Kofi hits Epico with a cross body from the second rope for a two count. Kingston gets monkey flipped out of the corner and lands on his feet and hits Epico with a monkey flips of his own. Epico and Kingston fight for the backslide but Epico goes for a dropkick which is caught and Kingston slingshots Epico out of the ring and on to Primo. Epico gets arm dragged on his way back in the ring but Epico gains control of the bout in a move not seen since the camera cut away.


Epico applies pressure with a top wrist lock but Kingston gets to his feet and uses his momentum to throw toss Epico thus breaking the hold. Kingston hits several chops, a dropkick, a flying clothesline and the boom drop. Primo jumps on the apron for the distraction but gets knocked off the apron as Epico misses a splash in the corner. Kingston puts him on his shoulders for an airplane spin and follows up with the SOS for the pin.


Winner: Kofi Kingston


Zack Ryder is interviewed about his match Dolph Ziggler, next week. Ryder says he ended 2012 as the United States champion and beat Ziggler for that title. Ziggler walks in with AJ, and Big E Langston, and says Ryder got some fluke wins that don’t matter anymore and mentions he is on the role of his career with the hottest diva in the WWE


Ryder questions his sanity about claiming he is with the hottest diva. AJ gets in Ryder’s face about the crazy remark, Big E is about to step in but Ziggler keeps him at bay and says he will deal with Ryder, next week.


Final Thoughts: Daniel Bryan is an amazing worker but horrible on commentary. The whole dazzler bit was most likely a rib but kind but it was annoying and not delivered at all. But hey, little kids mostly watch this show so they might have enjoyed it. I was surprised there was absolutely no mention of The Royal Rumble. None, zero, zip, goose egg.

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