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Jan 27, 2013 - by staff

World Wrestling Entertainment has released wrestler Gregory ‘Trent Barreta’ Marascuilo. The 25-year-old Mount Sinai New York native had spent the last 4-years working for the company after having been signed back in early 2008. Marascuilo was first assigned by the WWE to Florida Championship Wrestling where he spent his first 2-years in the organization’s developmental territory. After competing under the names Greg Cardona, Greg Jackson and in drag under a mask as The Girl From Mexico, he became Trent Barreta and was apart of The Dude Busters tag-team with Caylen Croft and later Curt Hawkins. While in FCW Marascuilo would become a 3-Time FCW Tag-Team Champion before being called up to the WWE’s ECW brand in December of 2009. The Dude Busters tag-team worked as heels on both ECW and Smackdown for close to a year before the release of Caylen Croft. For the past 2-years Trent Barreta had mostly been used as an enhancement talent and had teamed semi-regularly with Yoshi Tatsu on WWE N.X.T. broadcasts.

Gregory Marascuilo is a 9-year professional wrestling veteran who debuted in July of 2004 after having been trained by ECW legend Mikey Whipwreck. He spent the majority of his first 4-years in the industry working for New York Wrestling Connection and made occasional appearances for other independent organizations including Jersey All Pro Wrestling. Working under the name Plazma, Marascuilo had a decorated career in NYWC becoming a 1-Time NYWC Champion, 1-Time NYWC Tag-Team Champion and a 3-Time NYWC Hi-Fi Champion. Since his release from the WWE became official on January 11th, Marascuilo has made appearances for the Hart Legacy Wrestling promotion in Calgary Alberta.

Below we look at the professional wrestling career of Gregory ‘Trent Barreta’ Marascuilo by the numbers…

World Wrestling Entertainment:

* 20 Matches on WWE Smackdown.

* 3 Main Event Matches on WWE Smackdown.

* 34 Matches on WWE Superstars.

* 7 Main Event Matches on WWE Superstars.

* 17 Matches ( 20th Most All-Time ) on WWE N.X.T.. (First Match: November 9th 2011 Vs Tyson Kidd Last Match: January 16th 2013 Vs Leo Kruger)

* 2 Main Event Matches on WWE N.X.T..

* 8 Matches on WWE ECW On Syfy.

* 1 Main Event Match on WWE ECW On Syfy.

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