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Royal Rumble

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Pre Rumble Match

US Championship Match

US Champion Antonio Cesaro vs The Miz

This was an added title match to warm us up on  It was Antonio Cesaro hitting the Neutralizer at 7:38 to win and retain the title.


Winner-US Champion Antonio Cesaro

We are live in Phoenix Arizona for the Royal Rumble!!!  What a show and we start with a World Heavyweight Title Match.  Back stage on the way to the ring Alberto Del Rio runs into Bret “The Hitman” Hart.  Hart tells Del Rio he is a big fan and that Del Rio is the Mexican Bret Hart.  Richardo tells Bret that he is a huge fan.  Bret smiles and gives Ricardo his pink sunglasses which Ricardo wears to the ring.

World Heavyweight Title Match

Last Man Standing

World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez vs The Big Show

We don’t even get to see Big Show come to the ring.  That can’t be a good sign for Big Show.  This being a last man standing match makes it have a big chance to go quite  awhile.  One of the first big spots has Del Rio bring a chair into the ring and begin to work The Big Show over.  He climbs to the top rope with the Chair and jumps to hit Show, but he is caught by Show’s giant hand.  Chokeslam.  Ref starts the count, but Del Rio gets up.  The action spills out to the entry ramp.  Del Rio low blows Show and follows it up with a kick to the head.  Show is down and being counted.  He gets to 8 and gets up.  The crowd is fully behind Del Rio.  The are chanting Si Si Si!!  The actions moves up to the top of the ramp onto the logos for the Rumble.  Big Show sets up a table and then climbs on top of the logo which is about 8 feet up in the air.  He then reaches down and grabs Del Rio by the hair and pulls him up.  He then incredibly choke slams him on to the table!  Del Rio is out…….but wait he gets up at 9!!  They make their way back into the ring and Show is setting up for the KO punch.  Del Rio slides out of the ring.  Back outside Show attacks Ricardo and when he goes for Del Rio he runs into the barrier.  Del Rio picks up a chair and begins to chop the Show down.  He is working his arm over.  He then gets into the ring and lets Show follow.  Back in the ring he lock on the Cross arm breaker.  While he has this locked in Ricardo begins to duct tape Show’s feet to the ropes.  After releasing the hold the ref starts the 10 count.  Show can not stand up because his feet are taped to the ropes.  The ref counts 10 and Del Rio retains.

Winner-World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio


Backstage Dolph Ziggler, AJ, and Big E Langston are being interviewed by Matt Stryker.  Dolph says Vicki screwed him and he will show her and the world that he is the best.  He is the Show………………………………..Off!!


World Tag Team Title Match

World Tag Team Champions Team Hell No vs Rhodes Scholars

We are already on the 2nd to last match.  Everyone’s facial hair looks great, especially Cody’s stache.  Rhodes scholars take the lead first by working over Bryan.  Some basic stuff in the first few minutes, but Bryan takes it up an notch when he suicide dives onto the Damien and Cody and onto the floor!!  Back in the ring It is Bryan and Damien working each other over.  Damien from the Scholars is really matching Bryan in ring execution.  They are very crisp and clean.  Bryan tags in Kane and him and Damien, the big men are beating the hell out of each other.  Kane wears Damien down.  He tags Bryan in and hits a chokeslam on Cody.  Bryan put the Label Lock on Damien, and he taps!!


Winners-World Tag Team Champions Team Hell No

I failed to mention that during Ziggler’s interview he teased that he wanted to unify the titles.  My error.  Thanks to Dave for pointing that out.  Thanks Dave.

We now see all the numbers from the past Royal Rumbles.  All the wins, eliminations, lbs, etc.  So it looks like the Rumble will be next and Rock vs Punk will be last.

We also see a few highlights of the NXT tournament from yesterday where the winner gets a spot in the Royal Rumble.  The winner was Bo Dallas, aka Bo Rotunda


First Man Out-Dolph Ziggler

Second Man Out-Chris Jericho!!

Y2J is back!!  The place is going crazy.  Ziggler just before this said he didn’t care who was second so send him out.  Y2J looks fit and ready to go.  Jericho is basking in the love from the crowd.  They look each other over and then go at it!  Y2J has him in trouble early and dangles him over the rope.  Ziggler gets back in and we have a new entrant.  3…2..1

3.  Cody Rhodes


The crowd is still chanting Y2J! Y2J!  They are loving him.  The 3 men go at it with Ziggler taking a hit and getting laid out.  Y2J locks on the Walls of Jericho but Ziggler saves.  Next up……

4.  Kofi Kingston

Not much going on in these 2 minutes so on to the next man……

5.  Santino Marella

Crowd pops loud for him but to no avail.  Ziggler gets ahold of Santino and eliminates Santino


Next man in………….

6.  Drew McEntyre

Drew is the first man out from 3MB.  Drew is quick to the action and all the remaining men are engaged.  Y2J is sent over the ropes but hangs on inches from the floor!!!

Next man out……

7.  Titus Oneal

Titus comes in and works himself in.  On the other side of the ring Y2J hits a huge kick on Drew to send him over the ropes.



Next man out………………Shattered Dreams!!!!

8. Golddust

The places blows up and Cody is in shock in the ring.  His older brother is here!  Golddust hits the ring and the brothers kill each other!!  This has been along time coming.  Crowd is chanting Golddust over and over!!

Next man out…………….

9.  David Otunga

Feel bad for David.  No pop.  Y2J has really stolen the show so far.

Next Man out………………

10. Heath Slater

Again not to big of a reaction.  Heath gets in the ring and we are now very full in there.

Next Man out…………….Celtic Warrior!!!

11.  Sheamus

the crowd loves their great white hope.  Sheamus gets in and takes care of business.  He eliminates Titus Oneal and follows it up with David Otunga.  He is here and ready to defend his Royal Rumble Crown.


Next Man Out………………………………….


So far he is the biggest man in the match.  At least for a few minutes.

Next Man  Out………………………………

13.  Brodus Clay

The Funkasaurus is here to dance and beat em down.  Tensai and Clay are head to head and all over each other.

Next Man Out…………………….Boyaka, Boyaka, 619!!

14. Rey Mysterio

Rey is back and the crowd loves it.  He has a shirt on and you can see he is a little out of shape.  Rey goes to work on Y2J.

Next Man out……………

15. Darren Young

As he is coming out Brodious Clay is taken out as is Tensai.


After Tensai is eliminated Kofi Kingston is pushed off the apron and lands on Tensai’s back.  Tensai leaves him on announce table.  He gets a rolling chair from JBL and hops back to the ring.  Amazing.  But just as he gets back in Cody Rhodes eliminates him and Y2J eliminates Darren Young.


Next Man Out…………………………..

16.  Bo Dallas

Bo is the NXT winner.  Here was a look at the future and now a blast from the past.

Next Man out……………………………….

17.  The Godfather

He comes out with his ho’s and gets in the ring and Ziggler eliminates him in 1 second.


Next Man out……………………………………….Barrett Barraggggggggeeeeeeeee

18.  Wade Barrett

Barrett comes out and jumps in with Y2j to try and get Sheamus out.  But out next is the big fish.

Next Man Out………………………………………..

19.  John Cena

Super Cena comes out and eliminates Heath Slater, Cody Rhodes right away.


Cena is getting crazy boos.  Wade Barrett is working with Rey and has him on the ropes.  Rey has had enough.  He is tossed out.


Next Man out………………………..

20.  Damien Sandow

Sandow is out and looks a little tired.  This is his second match.  Not much action in the next 2 minutes.

Next Man out……………………….No! No! No!

21.  Daniel Bryan

Daniel was the 2nd man in last year so a much better draw.

Next Man out…………………………………

22.  Antonio Cesaro

This is also Antonio’s second match tonight.  No eliminations in  while.  the ring is very full.  Almost at capacity.  The next man may send it over the limit.

Next Man out………………………………..

23.  The Great Khali

Khali is slow to come out.  He is in and working on Barrett.  They are in a corner and giving it all they have.  Ziggler is still in at well over a half an hour.  Could the show off pull this off?

Next Man Out……….

24.  Kane

Kane is out and in just a minute he is eliminated by his partner Daniel Bryan.  Daniel then is knocked out but Kane catches him.  Bryan pleads with him to put him back in the ring.  But Kane drops him.


Next Man out……….

25.Zack Ryder

Ryder comes out a and crowd goes nuts.


Next Man out……………

26.  Randy Orton

Orton hits the ring and eliminates Zack Ryder


Cena then eliminates Antonio Cesaro


Next Man out…………

27.  Jinder Mahal

Once he’s in Sheamus eliminates him


Next man out………………

28.  The Miz

Miz hits the ring and fizzles.  In the ring Bo Dallas Eliminates Wade Barrett.  Wade Barrett is upset and comes back and pulls Dallas out of the ring.


Next Man out……………..

29.  Sin Cara

Sin Cara is back and the crowd is excited.

Next Man out…………………………..Feed Me More

30. Ryback

The Machine is out and and eliminates Damien Sandow, and Sin Cara


No more out and Y2J is on the prowl.  But Ziggler is too much for him.


Back in the ring Randy Orton is working over the group with RKO’s

But Ryback is too much for him.  He clotheslines the Viper to the floor.


Back in the ring Ziggler is on the ropes and Sheamus hits the Brogue kick to eliminate him.


We are down to John Cena, Ryback, and the Defending Champion Sheamus

Ryback and Sheamus go to work on each other, but it is Ryback who gets the upper hand and sends Sheamus over the top rope.


It’s down to to Cena vs Ryback

This is the match up everyone has been looking forward too.  Ryback is much fresher.  Cena is looking beat down and worn out.  Ryback is moments away from Main Eventing WrestleMania.  But Cena has to much for him.


Your Royal Rumble Winner is John Cena

Cena is going on to the WrestleMania to wrestle who??????  Will it be Rock, Punk, Del Rio?  After the match Cena walked up to two guys ringside who were wearing a Rock T-Shirt and an I Hate Cena Shirt, grabbed them and said “We’re going to WrestleMania”.  Pretty Awesome.  Was the T Shirt Foreshadowing?




Main Event

WWE Title Match


Punk is out first and takes his long stroll down to the ring.   Paul Heyman following Behind carrying the gold.  Crowd is very Pro Punk, but Rock has not come out yet.  Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it.  If you smell!!!!!  Out comes the great one and the roof blows off.  This is the biggest match I can remember in a long time.  Feels Epic.  During the introductions Punk sits on the bottom rope in the corner and soaks in the atmosphere.  The Belt is shown to both warriors and the bell rings.  They explode on to each other like magnets held apart for a lifetime. It quickly spills on to the floor and then Rocky goes to clear off the announce table.  He is ready to take this match to the next level.  Punk gets out of it and Rock is attacked by Heyman.  He goes after Heyman but Punk takes advantage of the distraction and levels him with a clothesline.  The crowd is chanting Let’s go Rocky, CM PUNK.  Dueling chants that fill the arena.  This crowd is boiling over and soccer like.  Punk goes to the ground work and locks on a submission hold.  Punk is showing his superior wrestling skill over the Rock.  Punk is continuing to grind Rock out slowly and methodically.  Punk is working over the mid section of the Rock.  Could there be damage from the Shield Attack last week.  Punk is hoping. Punk has Rock on the outside of the ropes on the apron and he hits a spring board drop kick on Rock to send him to the floor.  But in the process Punk land on his left knee and tweeks it.  He then climbs to the top post and hits an elbow on Rock, but again lands wrong on his knee.  Rock gets him back in the ring and begins to work on that knee.  Rock is ready and sets up for the Rock Bottom.  Punk blocks and goes for the GTS. Rock blocks and goes for the scorpion deathlock, Punk Blocks and locks on the Anaconda Vice!!!!  Rock rolls it over for a near fall.  Both men are down and out.  Rock gets up first and goes for the Rock Bottom again, but punk turns it into a crucifix and rolls Rock up , but Rock rolls that up into a Scorpion Deathlock.  Punk is in trouble.  Punk finally finds the rope and they break the hold.  The both fall out of the ring and Rock again goes to set up the announce table.  He clears it off and lays Punk on top of it and begins to beat on him.  Punk then catches Rock with a kick to the head.  He pulls Rock up top and goes for a GTS.  But just as he sets it up the table collapses.  Both men are down and hurt.  Rock is up and Punk follows him but walks right into a Rock Bottom on the arena floor.  Rocks drags him into the ring and goes for the cover.  1,2,…….kick out.  Punk gets up and hits a kick to the head the sends Rock to the canvas.  Both men again are down and out.  The Ref starts the 10 count on both men and gets to 9.  The both get up but Rock takes advantage and hits a spine buster.  He is ready for the people’s elbow.  And just as he is ready to hit it the lights go out.  When the lights are out Cole is saying that the Shield are here and have power bombed the Rock through the table.  The Lights come on and Rock is laid out on the table and Punk is in the ring laid out with a smirk on his face.  Punk grabs Rock and drags him in the ring.  The Cover and the win.


Winner-WWE Champion CM Punk

After the match Punk is celebrating and we hear Vince’s Music.  Vince announces to restart the match!!!

The match restarts and Punk attacks Rocky and sets him up for a top rope elbow.  Cover,  two count.  Punk then goes for a GTS but Rock blocks and hits a spine buster.  He then hits the People’s Elbow for the win.

Winner and New WWE Champion The ROCK

My personal opinion is that this is a sad night.  The greatest champ we have ever seen has just had the greatest title reign ever come to an end.  Thank you CM PUNK.  Thank you.




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  1. -J- says:

    Godfather had some bad hoes.

  2. Gweedo says:

    You’re a mark, I’m a mark, everyone’s a mark…yawn…Rock wins people complain Punk wins people complain Cena wins people complain. Guess what people are gonna complain…WWE doesn’t care…Vince makes millions, Vince is happy…Never gonna change unless something comes up to challenge like WCW did in the Monday Night Wars…TNA? Sorry not gonna happen…I don’t see anything in the near future…

  3. Andy says:

    Thanks for the great recap, Brian. I don’t normally get to see WWE Pay Per Views because my wife and kids don’t like them, and our old DVR could only handle up to 2 shows. Now we have a DISH Hopper DVR, and we can watch 4 different shows in 4 different rooms, so we can all watch whatever we like. I have a few coworkers that I work with at DISH, who came over to watch the Royal Rumble with me, and we all agree that the most shocking moments of the night came during the rumble with the return of Jericho, GoldDust and The Godfather.

  4. StunningSteve says:

    Right on Gweedo.

  5. Whatthewhowhat says:

    Orton does not even do the punt now

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